Blue Tit by Julian Bhalerao

WildSounds, the Hawk & Owl Trust and Norwich Cathedral

Have you ever had that Attenborough moment? A close encounter that changed your perspective on wildlife and opened your eyes to another world?

It's really rare and difficult to achieve that feeling these days. Competition from the internet, TV and games consoles are robbing our children of such unique experiences. The ubiquitous mobile phone and MP3 player have deadened our ears to the call of the wild.

If you can't beat them, join them! This is why in 2011 we sponsored a Peregrine nesting platform and camera on Norwich Cathedral with video footage being streamed on the internet We hope it might encourage a new generation of naturalists (and it'll give us something to enjoy on the odd occasion we find ourselves in Norwich city centre).

Look up - it's not a plane, it's not Superman - it's a bird!

Latest image from the camera sponsored by WildSounds

Click here to visit the Hawk & Owl Trust's live feed.
Click here to view daily highlights of the footage captured from the camera sponsored by WildSounds.

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