Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
Handbook of Birds of the World Volume 13: Nuthatches to True shrikes

Handbook of Birds of the World Volume 13: Nuthatches to True shrikes

Foreword on Bird Migration by Ian Newton.

Covers nuthatches, Wallcreeper, treecreepers, Philippine creepers, penduline tits, painted berrypeckers, berrypeckers and longbills, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, pardalotes, white-eyes, sugarbirds, honeyeaters, Old World orioles, and true shrikes.


  • emizidae (Penduline-tits) - Steve Madge
  • Aegithalidae (Long-tailed Tits) - Simon Harrap
  • Sittidae (Nuthatches) - Simon Harrap
  • Tichodromidae (Wallcreeper) - Hans Löhrl & Mike Wilson
  • Certhiidae (Treecreepers) - Simon Harrap
  • Rhabdornithidae (Rhabdornis) - Robert Kennedy & Hector Miranda
  • Nectariniidae (Sunbirds) - Robert Cheke & Clive Mann
  • Melanocharitidae (Berrypeckers and Longbills) - Phil Gregory
  • Paramythiidae (Painted Berrypeckers) - Brian Coates
  • Dicaeidae (Flowerpeckers) - Robert Cheke & Clive Mann
  • Pardalotidae (Pardalotes) - John Woinarski
  • Zosteropidae (White-eyes) - Bas van Balen
  • Promeropidae (Sugarbirds) - Dawie de Swardt
  • Meliphagidae (Honeyeaters) - Peter Higgins, Les Christidis & Hugh Ford
  • Oriolidae (Orioles) - Bruno Walther & Peter Jones
  • Laniidae (Shrikes) - Reuven Yosef & International Shrike Working Group
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