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Nature Guide to Extremadura - Spain

Nature Guide to Extremadura - Spain

Dirk Hilbers

Available from 30 November 2019. Information for the Second Edition of this popular book:

Up-to-date and practical tourist information and observation tips. Detailed descriptions of 18 hiking trails and car routes are conveniently linked to information on everything you want to know about Extremadura's splendid nature.

The remote region of Extremadura in south-western Spain is characterised by gently rolling hills with a savannah-like landscape, suddenly interspersed with rugged mountain chains and steep river gorges. It is a wild, thinly populated area with vast plains, dense mountain forests, flower-lined streams, dramatic cliffs and empty, wavy grasslands. Its landscapes are desolate and lovely at the same time; a strange mixture that has pulled and enchanted many visitors.

Extremadura is one of those ancient rural regions, shaped by man and shaping him over the course of centuries. The result is a rich flora and fauna and a unique traditional rural lifestyle with tiny villages and ancient cities. But above all, Extremadura is famous for its unsurpassed birdlife. Nowhere in Europe will you find so many birds of prey. Eagles, vultures and kites are everywhere and include rarities such as the Spanish imperial eagle, the black vulture and the black-shouldered kite. The rural landscape sustains incredible numbers of Hoopoes, Bee-eaters, Rollers, shrikes and other beautiful birds. No other grasslands in Europe have such a fine assembly of steppe birds. 224 pages.

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