Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
The Endemic Birds of Madagascar

The Endemic Birds of Madagascar

Guy Eldridge

4 DVD set featuring 130 Malagasy endemic species.

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Common NameScientific Name
Madagascar Little GrebeTachybaptus pelzelnii
Humblot's HeronArdea humbloti
Dimorphic EgretEgretta dimorpha
Madagascar Squacco HeronArdeola idae
Madagascar Sacred IbisThreskiornis bernieri
Madagascar Crested IbisLophotibis cristata
Madagascar TealAnas bernieri
Meller's DuckAnas melleri
Madagascar Fish-EagleHaliaeetus vociferoides
Madagascar Serpent-EagleEutriorchis astur
Madagascar Harrier-HawkPolyboroides radiatus
Madagascar HarrierCircus macrosceles
Frances' SparrowhawkAccipiter francesii
Madagascar SparrowhawkAccipiter madagascariensis
Henst's GoshawkAccipiter henstii
Madagascar BuzzardButeo brachypterus
Madagascar KestrelFalco newtoni
Madagascar Banded KestrelFalco zoniventris
Madagascar PartridgeMargaroperdix madagarensis
Madagascar ButtonquailTurnix nigricollis
White-breasted MesiteMesitornis variegata
Brown MesiteMesitornis unicolor
Madagascar White-throated RailDryolimnas cuvieri
Madagascar RailRallus madagascariensis
Madagascar FlufftailSarothrura insularis
Olivier's RailAmaurornis olivieri
Madagascar JacanaActophilornis albinucha
Madagascar PratincoleGlareola ocularis
Madagascar SnipeGallinago macrodactyla
Madagascar SandgrousePterocles personatus
Madagascar Green-PigeonTreron australis
Madagascar Blue-PigeonAlectroenas madagascariensis
Vasa ParrotCoracopsis vasa
Black ParrotCoracopsis nigra
Grey-headed LovebirdAgapornis canus
Madagascar CuckooCuculus rochii
Common NameScientific Name
Giant CouaCoua gigas
Coquerel's CouaCoua coquereli
Red-breasted CouaCoua serriana
Red-fronted CouaCoua reynaudii
Running CouaCoua cursor
Red-capped CouaCoua ruficeps
Crested CouaCoua cristata
Verreaux's CouaCoua verreauxi
Blue CouaCoua caerulea
Madagascar CoucalCentropus toulou
Madagascar Red OwlTyto soumagnei
Madagascar Scops-OwlOtus rutilus
White-browed Hawk-OwlNinox superciliaris
Madagascar Long-eared OwlAsio madagascariensis
Madagascar NightjarCaprimulgus madagascariensis
Collared NightjarCaprimulgus enarratus
Malagasy SpinetailZoonavena grandidieri
Madagascar Black SwiftApus balstoni
Madagascar KingfisherAlcedo vintsioides
Madagascar Pygmy-KingfisherIspidina madagascariensis
Madagascar Bee-eaterMerops superciliosus
Short-legged Ground-RollerBrachypteracias leptosomus
Scaly Ground-RollerBrachypteracias squamigera
Pitta-like Ground-RollerAtelornis pittoides
Crossley's Ground-RollerAtelornis crossleyi
Long-tailed Ground-RollerUratelornis chimaera
Madagascar Cuckoo-RollerLeptosomus discolor
Madagascar HoopoeUpupa marginata
Velvet AsityPhilepitta castanea
Schlegel's AsityPhilepitta schlegeli
Common Sunbird AsityNeodrepanis coruscans
Yellow-bellied Sunbird AsityNeodrepanis hypoxantha
Hova LarkMirafra hova
Mascarene MartinPhedina borbonica
Madagascar WagtailMotacilla flaviventris
Madagascar CuckooshrikeCoracina cinerea
Common NameScientific Name
Common TetrakaBernieria madagascariensis
Short-billed TetrakaBernieria zosterops
Appert's TetrakaBernieria apperti
Grey-crowned TetrakaBernieria cinereiceps
Madagascar Black BulbulHypsipetes madagascariensis
Red-tailed VangaCalicalicus madagascariensis
Red-shouldered VangaCalicalicus rufocarpalis
Rufous VangaSchetba rufa
Hook-billed VangaVanga curvirostris
Lafresnaye's VangaXenopirostris xenopirostris
Van Dam's VangaXenopirostris damii
Pollen's VangaXenopirostris polleni
Sickle-billed VangaFalculea palliata
White-headed VangaArtamella viridis
Chabert VangaLeptopterus chabert
Madagascar Blue VangaCyanolanius madagascarinus
Bernièr's VangaOriolia bernieri
Helmet VangaEuryceros prevostii
Tylas VangaTylas eduardi
Nuthatch VangaHypositta corallirostris
Littoral Rock-ThrushPseudocossyphus imerinus
Forest Rock-ThrushPseudocossyphus sharpei
Benson's Rock-ThrushPseudocossyphus bensoni
Madagascar Magpie-RobinCopsychus albospecularis
Madagascar JeryNeomixis tenella
Southern Green JeryNeomixis viridis
Stripe-throated JeryNeomixis striatigula
Wedge-tailed JeryNeomixis flavoviridis
White-throated OxylabesOxylabes madagascariensis
Yellow-browed OxylabesCrossleyia xanthophrys
Brown EmutailDromaeocercus brunneus
Grey Emu-tailAmphilais seebohmi
Madagascar Brush-WarblerNesillas typica
Subdesert Brush-WarblerNesillas lantzii
Thamnornis WarblerThamnornis chloropetoides
Madagascar Swamp-WarblerAcrocephalus newtoni
Common NameScientific Name
Rand's WarblerRandia pseudozosterops
Dark NewtoniaNewtonia amphichroa
Common NewtoniaNewtonia brunneicauda
Archbold's NewtoniaNewtonia archboldi
Cryptic WarblerCryptosylvicola randrianasoloi
Madagascar Paradise-FlycatcherTerpsiphone mutata
Souimanga SunbirdCinnyris sovimanga
Madagascar Green SunbirdCinnyris notatus
Madagascar White-eyeZosterops maderaspatanus
Nelicourvi WeaverPloceus nelicourvi
Sakalava WeaverPloceus sakalava
Madagascar Red FodyFoudia madagascariensis
Red Forest FodyFoudia omissa

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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