Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
Birds of Northwest Ecuador, Vol. I: The Upper Foothills & Subtropics

Birds of Northwest Ecuador, Vol. I: The Upper Foothills & Subtropics

Olaf Jahn, John V. Moore, & others

This audio publication consists of a CD containing all vocalizations in MP3 format and a data DVD with all recordings presented in WAVE format arranged into folders for 7 CDs. The DVD also contains a comprehensive digital booklet in PDF format and an Excel format file containing recording information for each cut. There are 1128 separately announced recordings of 213 species. It is the fully revised edition of the 3 CD publication published in 1999 by Moore et al. and contains almost all of the original recordings, about 700 new recordings, and 23 additional species. It includes the sounds of nearly all the birds predominantly inhabiting the humid life zones of the upper foothills and lower subtropics on the northwestern Andean slope of Ecuador. Most of the species which range from the coastal lowlands into the foothills are not included in this publication since many have been previously published in Birds of Northwest Ecuador vol II: The Lowlands and Lower Foothills (Jahn et al. 2003) and will also be included in a forthcoming comprehensive revised edition of the former publication. The goal is to achieve a high degree of completeness, not only including song repertoires but also a wide variety of calls and mechanical sounds for each species.

Sound GuideAnnounced
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Common NameScientific Name
Swallow-tailed KiteElanoides forficatus
Semicollared HawkAccipiter collaris
Plain-breasted HawkAccipiter ventralis
Barred HawkLeucopternis princeps
White-rumped HawkButeo leucorrhous
Broad-winged HawkButeo platypterus
Black-and-chestnut EagleOroaetus isidori
Baudó GuanPenelope ortoni
Sickle-winged GuanChamaepetes goudotii
Dark-backed WoodquailOdontophorus melanonotus
Band-tailed PigeonColumba fasciata
Plumbeous PigeonColumba plumbea
White-throated Quail-DoveGeotrygon frenata
Yellow-eared ParakeetOgnorhynchus icterotis
Maroon-tailed ConurePyrrhura melanura
Barred ParakeetBolborhynchus lineola
Blue-fronted ParrotletTouit dilectissima
Red-billed ParrotPionus sordidus
White-capped ParrotPionus seniloides
Rufescent Screech-OwlOtus ingens
Cloud-forest Pygmy-OwlGlaucidium nubicola
Short-tailed NighthawkLurocalis semitorquatus
Swallow-tailed NightjarUropsalis segmentata
Lyre-tailed NightjarUropsalis lyra
Spot-fronted SwiftCypseloides cherriei
Chestnut-collared SwiftCypseloides rutilus
White-collared SwiftStreptoprocne zonaris
Tawny-bellied HermitPhaethornis syrmatophorus
White-tipped SicklebillEutoxeres aquila
Green-fronted LancebillDoryfera ludovicae
Brown Violet-earColibri delphinae
Green Violet-earColibri thalassinus
Andean EmeraldAgyrtria franciae
Speckled HummingbirdAdelomyia melanogenys
Purple-bibbed WhitetipUrosticte benjamini
Fawn-breasted BrilliantHeliodoxa rubinoides
Common NameScientific Name
Green-crowned BrilliantHeliodoxa jacula
Empress BrilliantHeliodoxa imperatrix
White-tailed HillstarUrochroa bougueri
Brown IncaCoeligena wilsoni
Collared IncaCoeligena torquata
Buff-tailed CoronetBoissonneaua flavescens
Velvet-purple CoronetBoissonneaua jardini
Gorgeted SunangelHeliangelus strophianus
Hoary PufflegHaplophaedia lugens
Booted Racquet-tailOcreatus underwoodii
Violet-tailed SylphAglaiocercus coelestis
Wedge-billed HummingbirdSchistes geoffroyi
Purple-throated WoodstarPhilodice mitchellii
Crested QuetzalPharomachrus antisianus
Golden-headed QuetzalPharomachrus auriceps
Collared TrogonTrogon collaris
Masked TrogonTrogon personatus
White-faced NunbirdHapaloptila castanea
Red-headed BarbetEubucco bourcierii
Toucan BarbetSemnornis ramphastinus
Crimson-rumped ToucanetAulacorhynchus haematopygus
Plate-billed Mountain-ToucanAndigena laminirostris
Yellow-vented WoodpeckerVeniliornis dignus
Smoky-brown WoodpeckerVeniliornis fumigatus
Crimson-mantled WoodpeckerPiculus rivolii
Powerful WoodpeckerCampephilus pollens
Tyrannine WoodcreeperDendrocincla tyrannina
Strong-billed WoodcreeperXiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus
Spotted WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus erythropygius
Montane WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes lacrymiger
Brown-billed ScythebillCampylorhamphus pusillus
Azara's SpinetailSynallaxis azarae
Rufous SpinetailSynallaxis unirufa
Red-faced SpinetailCranioleuca erythrops
Rusty-winged BarbtailPremnornis guttuligera
Spotted BarbtailPremnoplex brunnescens
Common NameScientific Name
Star-chested TreerunnerMargarornis stellatus
Pacific TuftedcheekPseudocolaptes johnsoni
Streaked TuftedcheekPseudocolaptes boissonneautii
Lineated Foliage-gleanerSyndactyla subalaris
Scaly-throated Foliage-gleanerAnabacerthia variegaticeps
Buff-fronted Foliage-gleanerPhilydor rufus
Uniform TreehunterThripadectes ignobilis
Striped TreehunterThripadectes holostictus
Streak-capped TreehunterThripadectes virgaticeps
Flammulated TreehunterThripadectes flammulatus
Streaked XenopsXenops rutilans
Uniform AntshrikeThamnophilus unicolor
Russet AntshrikeThamnistes anabatinus
Bicolored AntvireoDysithamnus occidentalis
Slaty AntwrenMyrmotherula schisticolor
Long-tailed AntbirdDrymophila caudata
Rufous-rumped AntwrenTerenura callinota
Esmeraldas AntbirdMyrmeciza nigricauda
Immaculate AntbirdMyrmeciza immaculata
Rufous-breasted AntthrushFormicarius rufipectus
Giant AntpittaGrallaria gigantea
Moustached AntpittaGrallaria alleni
Scaled AntpittaGrallaria guatimalensis
Plain-backed AntpittaGrallaria haplonota
Chestnut-crowned AntpittaGrallaria ruficapilla
Yellow-breasted AntpittaGrallaria flavotincta
Ochre-breasted AntpittaGrallaricula flavirostris
Narino TapaculoScytalopus vicinior
Spillmann's TapaculoScytalopus spillmanni
Chocó TapaculoScytalopus chocoensis
Ashy-headed TyrannuletPhyllomyias cinereiceps
Golden-faced TyrannuletZimmerius chrysops
Lesser ElaeniaElaenia chiriquensis
White-tailed TyrannuletMecocerculus poecilocercus
Rufous-winged TyrannuletMecocerculus calopterus
Torrent TyrannuletSerpophaga cinerea
Common NameScientific Name
Streak-necked FlycatcherMionectes striaticollis
Olive-striped FlycatcherMionectes olivaceus
Slaty-capped FlycatcherLeptopogon superciliaris
Marbled-faced Bristle-TyrantPhylloscartes ophthalmicus
Bronze-olive Pygmy-TyrantPseudotriccus pelzelni
Rufous-headed Pygmy-TyrantPseudotriccus ruficeps
Rufous-crowned Tody-TyrantPoecilotriccus ruficeps
Fulvous-breasted FlatbillRhynchocyclus fulvipectus
Ornate FlycatcherMyiotriccus ornatus
Flavescent FlycatcherMyiophobus flavicans
Orange-crested FlycatcherMyiophobus phoenicomitra
Handsome FlycatcherMyiophobus pulcher
Cinnamon FlycatcherPyrrhomyias cinnamomea
Olive-sided FlycatcherContopus cooperi
Smoke-colored PeweeContopus fumigatus
Western Wood-PeweeContopus sordidulus
Black PhoebeSayornis nigricans
Yellow-bellied Chat-TyrantSilvicultrix diadema
Slaty-backed Chat-TyrantOchthoeca cinnamomeiventris
Dusky-capped FlycatcherMyiarchus tuberculifer
Golden-crowned FlycatcherMyiodynastes chrysocephalus
Barred BecardPachyramphus versicolor
White-winged BecardPachyramphus polychopterus
Black-and-white BecardPachyramphus albogriseus
Golden-winged ManakinMasius chrysopterus
Club-winged ManakinMachaeropterus deliciosus
Green-and-black FruiteaterPipreola riefferii
Orange-breasted FruiteaterPipreola jucunda
Scaled FruiteaterAmpelioides tschudii
Olivaceous PihaLathria cryptolophus
Red-ruffed FruitcrowPyroderus scutatus
Long-wattled UmbrellabirdCephalopterus penduliger
Andean Cock-of-the-rockRupicola peruviana
White-capped DipperCinclus leucocephalus
Sharpe's WrenCinnycerthia olivascens
Plain-tailed WrenThryothorus euophrys
Common NameScientific Name
Mountain WrenTroglodytes solstitialis
Grey-breasted Wood-WrenHenicorhina leucophrys
Andean SolitaireMyadestes ralloides
Rufous-brown SolitaireCichlopsis leucogenys
Black SolitaireEntomodestes coracinus
Slaty-backed Nightingale-ThrushCatharus fuscater
Spotted Nightingale-ThrushCatharus dryas
Swainson's ThrushCatharus ustulatus
Pale-eyed ThrushPlatycichla leucops
Glossy-black ThrushTurdus serranus
Pale-vented ThrushTurdus obsoletus
Turquoise JayCyanolyca turcosa
Beautiful JayCyanolyca pulchra
Slaty FinchHaplospiza rustica
Black-and-white SeedeaterSporophila luctuosa
Blue SeedeaterAmaurospiza concolor
Yellow-faced GrassquitTiaris olivacea
Tricolored BrushfinchAtlapetes tricolor
Chestnut-capped BrushfinchBuarremon brunneinucha
Olive FinchLysurus castaneiceps
Tanager FinchOreothraupis arremonops
PlushcapCatamblyrhynchus diadema
Black-winged SaltatorSaltator atripennis
Grass-green TanagerChlorornis riefferii
Dusky Bush-TanagerChlorospingus semifuscus
Yellow-throated Bush-TanagerChlorospingus flavigularis
Yellow-green Bush-TanagerChlorospingus flavovirens
Ashy-throated Bush-TanagerChlorospingus canigularis
Black-eared HemispingusHemispingus melanotis
Ochre-breasted TanagerChlorothraupis stolzmanni
White-winged TanagerPiranga leucoptera
Blue-capped TanagerThraupis cyanocephala
Moss-backed TanagerBangsia edwardsi
Blue-winged Mountain-TanagerAnisognathus somptuosus
Black-chinned Mountain-TanagerAnisognathus notabilis
Purplish-mantled TanagerIridosornis porphyrocephala
Common NameScientific Name
Fawn-breasted TanagerPipraeidea melanonota
Golden-rumped EuphoniaEuphonia cyanocephala
Orange-bellied EuphoniaEuphonia xanthogaster
Yellow-collared ChlorophoniaChlorophonia flavirostris
Glistening-green TanagerChlorochrysa phoenicotis
Emerald TanagerTangara florida
Golden TanagerTangara arthus
Silver-throated TanagerTangara icterocephala
Saffron-crowned TanagerTangara xanthocephala
Flame-faced TanagerTangara parzudakii
Rufous-throated TanagerTangara rufigula
Golden-naped TanagerTangara ruficervix
Metallic-green TanagerTangara labradorides
Beryl-spangled TanagerTangara nigroviridis
Black-capped TanagerTangara heinei
White-sided FlowerpiercerDiglossa albilatera
Indigo FlowerpiercerDiglossopis indigotica
Masked FlowerpiercerDiglossopis cyanea
Tropical ParulaParula pitiayumi
Blackburnian WarblerDendroica fusca
Olive-crowned YellowthroatGeothlypis semiflava
Slate-throated RedstartMyioborus miniatus
Spectacled WhitestartMyioborus melanocephalus
Chocó WarblerBasileuterus chlorophrys
Black-crested WarblerBasileuterus nigrocristatus
Russet-crowned WarblerBasileuterus coronatus
Three-striped WarblerBasileuterus tristriatus
Capped ConebillConirostrum albifrons
Black-billed PeppershrikeCyclarhis nigrirostris
Chocó VireoVireo masteri
Brown-capped VireoVireo leucophrys
Yellow-bellied SiskinCarduelis xanthogastra
Russet-backed OropendolaPsarocolius angustifrons

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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