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Bird Songs of the Pacific Northwest

Bird Songs of the Pacific Northwest

Geoffrey A Keller & Gerrit Vyn

From out of the mountain mists, across desert scrublands, and down rugged coastlines ring the voices of Pacific Northwest birds, inviting listeners to single out the singer from these diverse, bird-rich habitats.

This new five-CD set contains the most comprehensive collection of bird songs from the Pacific Northwest ever published, with 316 species represented, including region-specific dialects.

Learn to recognise the songs of resident species such as Mountain Quail, Spotted Owl, and Hermit Warbler. Note passing migrants and winter visitors, including Wandering Tattler and Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Whether birding is part of your occupation or your avocation, this set will enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of birds across southern British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon, to western Idaho and the far north of California.

The most comprehensive compilation of the Pacific Northwest bird sounds ever assembled. Average recordings are well over a minute per species. It also includes region-specific song dialects and comprehensive treatment of most species vocal repertoires. Many of these recordings and vocalisations have never been published before.

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