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Insects of Britain and Western Europe

Insects of Britain and Western Europe

Michael Chinery

Third Edition. Compact, easy-to-use, highly illustrated. The amount of information that has been crammed into relatively few pages is remarkable.

Over 2,000 of the most commonly observed and most distinctive insect species of Britain and western Europe, from all orders and most families, are illustrated in this essential pocket guide. The text summarises key identification points, and introductory sections for each group covered give useful guidelines on the characteristics of the orders, families and genera covered. This is the most comprehensive guide available on the insects of this region and will be of great use to all naturalists with an interest in insect life.

"With this book in hand, the smallest garden becomes a naturalist's Mecca."

 - Country Living

"An invaluable guide - marvellous."

 - The Guardian

"I cannot imagine even a professional who would not want to have this book close at hand. The illustrations are magnificent."

 - Times Literary Supplement

320 pages.

Plates and Long Descriptions shown on same spread.Plates and Long Descriptions shown on same spread.
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