Ruby-throated Hummingbird
The Unfeathered Bird

The Unfeathered Bird

Katrina van Grouw

There is more to a bird than simply feathers. And just because birds evolved from a single flying ancestor doesn't mean they are structurally all the same. With over 380 stunning drawings depicting 200 species, 'The Unfeathered Bird' is a richly illustrated book on bird anatomy that offers refreshingly original insights into what goes on beneath the feathered surface. Each exquisite drawing is made from an actual specimen and reproduced in sumptuous large format. The birds are shown in lifelike positions and engaged in behaviour typical of the species: an underwater view of the skeleton of a swimming loon, the musculature of a porpoising penguin, and an unfeathered Sparrowhawk plucking its prey. Jargon-free and easily accessible to any reader, the lively text relates birds' anatomy to their lifestyle and evolution, examining such questions as why penguins are bigger than auks, whether harrier hawks really have double-jointed legs, and the difference between wing claws and wing spurs. A landmark in popular bird books, 'The Unfeathered Bird' is a must for anyone who appreciates birds or bird art.

  • A unique book that bridges art, science, and history
  • Over 300 beautiful drawings, artistically arranged in a sumptuous large-format book
  • Accessible, jargon-free text--the only book on bird anatomy aimed at the general reader
  • Drawings and text all made with direct reference to actual bird specimens
  • Includes most anatomically distinct bird groups
  • Many species never illustrated before

"The Unfeathered Bird is a marvellous fusion of art and science with a playful edge. The illustrations, very much the heart of the book, are superbly realized. Valuable and informative, the work has a an irresistible charm that will appeal to a broad audience."

 - John Sill, wildlife artist

304 pages.

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