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Woodland Bird Songs & Calls

Woodland Bird Songs & Calls

Hannu Jännes & Owen Roberts

In the forest a birdwatcher's ears are often more useful than their eyes for locating the various species of woodpeckers, owls, finches and many other families which inhabit this sometimes impenetrable habitat. This easy-to-use package of book and CD offers insight into this secret world. The CD features 80 tracks containing bird songs and calls of species commonly found in forest and woodland habitats across Britain and the rest of Europe.

Each audio track is numbered to coincide with the guide for quick reference. 'Woodland Birds Songs & Calls' also presents full-colour photographs of the birds and interesting text about their habits and feeding and nesting routines, as well as their songs and calls.

Invaluable for birders of all ages and abilities, 'Woodland Birds Songs & Calls' offers an ideal way to increase your knowledge of bird identification and help to understand their behaviour. It is ideal for those going on organized dawn chorus walks, or for just exploring on your own. 64 pages.

Plates and Long Descriptions shown on same spread.Plates and Long Descriptions shown on same spread.
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Common NameScientific Name
Common GoldeneyeBucephala clangula
GoosanderMergus merganser
Eurasian SparrowhawkAccipiter nisus
Northern GoshawkAccipiter gentilis
Common BuzzardButeo buteo
Willow PtarmiganLagopus lagopus
Western CapercaillieTetrao urogallus
Hazel GrouseBonasa bonasia
Green SandpiperTringa ochropus
Eurasian WoodcockScolopax rusticola
Stock PigeonColumba oenas
Common Wood PigeonColumba palumbus
Common CuckooCuculus canorus
Eurasian Eagle-OwlBubo bubo
Tawny OwlStrix aluco
Ural OwlStrix uralensis
Great Gray OwlStrix nebulosa
Northern Hawk OwlSurnia ulula
Eurasian Pygmy-OwlGlaucidium passerinum
Tengmalm's OwlAegolius funereus
Long-eared OwlAsio otus
European NightjarCaprimulgus europaeus
Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerPicoides minor
Middle Spotted WoodpeckerPicoides medius
White-backed WoodpeckerPicoides leucotos
Great Spotted WoodpeckerPicoides major
Three-toed WoodpeckerPicoides tridactylus
Black WoodpeckerDryocopus martius
Green WoodpeckerPicus viridis
Grey-headed Green WoodpeckerPicus canus
Wood LarkLullula arborea
Tawny PipitAnthus campestris
Bohemian WaxwingBombycilla garrulus
Winter WrenTroglodytes troglodytes
Hedge AccentorPrunella modularis
Common BlackbirdTurdus merula
Common NameScientific Name
FieldfareTurdus pilaris
RedwingTurdus iliacus
Song ThrushTurdus philomelos
Mistle ThrushTurdus viscivorus
European RobinErithacus rubecula
Thrush NightingaleLuscinia luscinia
Common NightingaleLuscinia megarhynchos
Common RedstartPhoenicurus phoenicurus
Willow WarblerPhylloscopus trochilus
Common ChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybita
Wood WarblerPhylloscopus sibilatrix
Greenish WarblerPhylloscopus trochiloides
BlackcapSylvia atricapilla
Garden WarblerSylvia borin
GoldcrestRegulus regulus
Spotted FlycatcherMuscicapa striata
Pied FlycatcherFicedula hypoleuca
Red-breasted FlycatcherFicedula parva
Long-tailed-TitAegithalos caudatus
Marsh TitPoecile palustris
Willow TitPoecile montana
Gray-headed ChickadeePoecile cincta
Coal TitPeriparus ater
Crested TitLophophanes cristatus
Great TitParus major
Blue TitCyanistes caeruleus
Wood NuthatchSitta europaea
Eurasian TreecreeperCerthia familiaris
Eurasian JayGarrulus glandarius
Siberian JayPerisoreus infaustus
Spotted NutcrackerNucifraga caryocatactes
Eurasian Golden OrioleOriolus oriolus
Rustic BuntingEmberiza rustica
ChaffinchFringilla coelebs
BramblingFringilla montifringilla
European GreenfinchCarduelis chloris
Common NameScientific Name
Eurasian SiskinCarduelis spinus
European GoldfinchCarduelis carduelis
Lesser RedpollAcanthis cabaret
Pine GrosbeakPinicola enucleator
Parrot CrossbillLoxia pytyopsittacus
Common CrossbillLoxia curvirostra
Common BullfinchPyrrhula pyrrhula
HawfinchCoccothraustes coccothraustes

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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