Blue Tit by Julian Bhalerao

Grey Geese - The Genus Anser

Eileen Rees

Available from 14 February 2019. This Poyser monograph looks closely at the geese of the genus Anser - the so-called grey geese, a group that mainly breeds in the high Arctic but visits lower latitudes in winter. The species include Swan Goose, Tundra and Taiga Bean, Pink-footed, Greylag, White-fronted, Lesser White-fronted, Bar-headed, Emperor, Snow and Ross's Geese. Wintering geese often form spectacular flocks, a magnet for birders in winter but a problem for agriculture. While most species are reasonably common, the grey geese include the endangered and declining Lesser White-fronted Goose among their number. Anser includes species that have been the focus of a variety of behavioural and life-history studies, especially of Greylag Geese, and of evolutionary studies, especially in snow geese.

'Grey Geese - The Genus Anser' looks at the biology and the history of research into these geese in detail. There are detailed chapters on evolution and taxonomy, research and researchers, wildfowling, migration, feeding ecology, breeding biology, population dynamics, interactions with agriculture, and conservation, along with a colour section and illustrations throughout. 'Grey Geese - The Genus Anser' is the definitive work on these noisy, conspicuous and familiar birds, and a must for goose-lovers everywhere. c336 pages.

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