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East  Rhodopes (Bulgaria)

East Rhodopes (Bulgaria)

Published by GARS Advertising Studio

Tours and attractions in 9 regions in the Eastern Rhodopes.

  • Kardshzali Region: Tracian heritage par excellence - the rock carved city of Perperikon & the Womb Cave
  • Momchilgrad Region: Experience a fantastic combination of archaeological sites & wilderness areas
  • Adino Region: Discover a walk to the Devil's Bridge and wander through an impressive Silver Birch forest
  • Dzhebel Region: Hike to Usatra Fortress, relax by the Lebed Lakes & pass through the Wind Stone for good health
  • Zlatograd Region: Step back in time in the Old Town of Zlatograd & re-charge your spirits at sacred pagan sites
  • Kirkovo Region: Immerse yourself in nature & take a hike to Bulgaria's southernmost point
  • Krumovgrad Region: Reveal the mysteries of Kovil & see the beauty of wild Tarpan horses in the area of Sbor
  • Ivaylovgrad Region: Explore villages, fortresses and ancient sites amidst unspoilt nature. Don't forget the wine cellars!
  • Madzharovo Region: Watch vultures, paddle the Arda River, stay at guesthouses & unwind at organic farms

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