Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Seeing Butterflies

Seeing Butterflies

Philip Howse

This book features superb imagery that reveals astonishing insight into the life of butterflies and moths. It features previously unrecognised examples of butterflies' mimicry. It will appeal to biologists and artists, as well as anyone interested in wildlife and photography. You can see butterflies with new eyes through Philip Howse's fascinating text and superb imagery. You can understand the colours and designs on their wings, and the varied and fascinating strategies of behaviour, mimicry and camouflage of the butterflies and moths in your garden, the countryside and in tropical butterfly houses. Whole chapters are devoted to commonly seen groups of butterflies, such as whites, admirals, monarchs, swallowtails, blues, peacocks and passion vine butterflies as well as hawkmoths and giant silkmoths. The superb images will inform and inspire nature-lovers, photographers, artists and scientists. 176 pages.

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