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The Great Soul of Siberia: In Search of the Elusive Siberian Tiger

The Great Soul of Siberia: In Search of the Elusive Siberian Tiger

Sooyong Park

The gripping account of one man's determination to discover, film, and understand one of the rarest and most formidable big cats in the world.

In The Great Soul of Siberia, renowned tiger researcher Sooyong Park tracks three generations of Siberian tigers living in remote south-eastern Russia. He sets up underground bunkers to observe the tigers, living thrillingly close to these beautiful but dangerous apex predators.

Park draws from twenty years of experience and research to focus on the Siberian tigers' losing battle against poaching and diminishing habitat. Over the two years of his harrowing stakeout, Park's poignant and poetic observations of the tigers draw a fiercely compassionate portrait of these elusive, endangered creatures.

"Sooyong's magical prose led me into little-known and breathtakingly beautiful forests, exposed me to the bitter cold of long winter months, and revealed the secret life of that most mysterious of cats, the Siberian Tiger."

 - Jane Goodall

"A triumph of nature writing; an original and authentic voice from the wilderness"

 - Jonathan and Angie Scott

286 pages.

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