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The Broads Address Book

The Broads Address Book

Published by Halsgrove

The Broads National Park, which extends inland from the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk, is recognised as one of the country's most important landscapes. Those who visit this extraordinary area seldom forget the experience, and many return annually for holidays on `The Broads'.

Those lucky enough to live close by will have an even deeper appreciation of the place, finding themselves drawn back to explore more of its delights time and again.

Like many of us, the photographers whose work appears in this address book have fallen for the beauty and variety of scenery to be found within The Broads National Park, and each has been able to find a scene or scenery to arrest their interest. However, their skills usually far surpass those of us who happily snap away in order to record a moment. Their photography comes at a price, often with years of training and experience in the best use of complex and expensive equipment, with early starts and endless hours waiting for the right moment, and above all with an artist's eye in knowing what will make a good photograph.

These photographers are part of a long tradition of those who have been inspired to capture the elusive qualities of light, atmosphere and character that make The Broads so special. Their work has been selected to portray something of the variety and range of contemporary photography being created today. Each in their own distinctive way, captures the essence of the place.

Address books tend to be well used and have a long life. Along with important contact details, they keep track of the user's friends and acquaintances, tracing their lives over time and from place to place. And, if properly attended to, an address book eventually becomes a journal in itself, and an attractive and permanent keepsake.

Whether bought for your own use, or received as a gift, this address book with its superb illustrations will provide years of pleasure. 112 pages.

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