Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
The River Singers

The River Singers

Tom Moorhouse

Four small water voles are about to embark upon a long and perilous journey along the Great River, but will they ever find a safe place to call home? Adventurous, exciting, and bursting with charming illustrations - this is a book you'll want to treasure for ever.

"In this charming book for confident readers he does for the vole what Babe author Dick King-Smith did for the pig. This is Moorhouse's first book and a real breath of fresh country air in an increasingly urban children's book market."

 - Alex O'Connell, Children's Books of the Year, The Times

"Move over, Ratty. Sylvan's here: An Oxford academic's new children's book could rival The Wind in the Willows."

 - Independent on Sunday

"Peppered with references to spoors, territory, scents and feeding grounds, it's essentially a story about a group of siblings, led by a feisty little fellow called Sylvan, who leads his brother and sisters to a new home. All about the human values of heroism and friendship"

 - Spectator

"A gripping and moving tale for children."

 - Martin Chilton, The Daily Telegraph

"Not even Kenneth Grahame could be put forward as having captured this natural environment and its inhabitants with such immediate, completely satisfying authenticity. Moorhouse's lyrical prose is captivating, and this is without a doubt an exceptional piece of storytelling."

 - Helen Mulley, Teach Primary

"A wonderful, exciting adventure with appealing characters that you grow to care about. An utterly lovely book and highly recommended."

 - The Bookbag

"A real adventure story, packed with incident and details of life along the river bank, it is beautifully lyrical, simple, yet comforting. Filled with compassion and affection."

 - Carousel

241 pages.

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