Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao

Voices of the Troupials and Blackbirds and their Allies

J W Hardy, G B Reynard, Terry Taylor

95 species plus Compsothraupis, and detailed notes on range and habitat..

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Common NameScientific Name
Scarlet-throated TanagerCompsothraupis loricata
Casqued OropendolaClypicterus oseryi
Crested OropendolaPsarocolius decumanus
Green OropendolaPsarocolius viridis
Dusky-green OropendolaPsarocolius atrovirens
Russet-backed OropendolaPsarocolius angustifrons
Chestnut-headed OropendolaZarhynchus wagleri
Band-tailed OropendolaOcyalus latirostris
Montezuma OropendolaGymnostinops montezuma
Para OropendolaGymnostinops bifasciatus
Black OropendolaGymnostinops guatimozinus
Yellow-rumped CaciqueCacicus cela
Red-rumped CaciqueCacicus haemorrhous
Subtropical CaciqueCacicus uropygialis
Golden-winged CaciqueCacicus chrysopterus
Southern Mountain CaciqueCacicus chrysonotus
Ecuadorian CaciqueCacicus sclateri
Solitary CaciqueCacicus solitarius
Yellow-winged CaciqueCacicus melanicterus
Yellow-billed CaciqueAmblycercus holosericeus
Yellow-backed OrioleIcterus chrysater
Yellow OrioleIcterus nigrogularis
Jamaican OrioleIcterus leucopteryx
Orange OrioleIcterus auratus
Yellow-tailed OrioleIcterus mesomelas
White-edged OrioleIcterus graceannae
Spot-breasted OrioleIcterus pectoralis
Altamira OrioleIcterus gularis
Streak-backed OrioleIcterus pustulatus
TroupialIcterus icterus
Baltimore OrioleIcterus galbula
Bullock's OrioleIcterus bullockii
Black-backed OrioleIcterus abeillei
Orchard OrioleIcterus spurius
Moriche OrioleIcterus chrysocephalus
Hooded OrioleIcterus cucullatus
Common NameScientific Name
Epaulette OrioleIcterus cayanensis
Orange-crowned OrioleIcterus auricapillus
Black-cowled OrioleIcterus prosthemelas
Black-vented OrioleIcterus wagleri
Montserrat OrioleIcterus oberi
Bar-winged OrioleIcterus maculialatus
Scott's OrioleIcterus parisorum
St Lucia OrioleIcterus laudabilis
Audubon's OrioleIcterus graduacauda
Martinique OrioleIcterus bonana
Jamaican BlackbirdNesopsar nigerrimus
Oriole BlackbirdGymnomystax mexicanus
Yellow-headed BlackbirdXanthocephalus xanthocephalus
Saffron-cowled BlackbirdXanthopsar flavus
Yellow-eyed BlackbirdAgelaius xanthophthalmus
Yellow-winged BlackbirdAgelaius thilius
Red-winged BlackbirdAgelaius phoeniceus
Red-shouldered BlackbirdAgelaius assimilis
Tricolored BlackbirdAgelaius tricolor
Yellow-hooded BlackbirdAgelaius icterocephalus
Tawny-shouldered BlackbirdAgelaius humeralis
Yellow-shouldered BlackbirdAgelaius xanthomus
Unicolored BlackbirdAgelaius cyanopus
Chestnut-capped BlackbirdAgelaius ruficapillus
White-browed BlackbirdLeistes superciliaris
Red-breasted BlackbirdLeistes militaris
Peruvian MeadowlarkSturnella bellicosa
Pampas MeadowlarkSturnella militaris
Long-tailed MeadowlarkSturnella loyca
Eastern MeadowlarkSturnella magna
Western MeadowlarkSturnella neglecta
Yellow-rumped MarshbirdPseudoleistes guirahuro
Brown-and-yellow MarshbirdPseudoleistes virescens
Scarlet-headed BlackbirdAmblyramphus holosericeus
Red-bellied GrackleHypopyrrhus pyrohypogaster
Austral BlackbirdCuraeus curaeus
Common NameScientific Name
Forbes BlackbirdCuraeus forbesi
Chopi BlackbirdGnorimopsar chopi
Bolivian BlackbirdOreopsar bolivianus
Velvet-fronted GrackleLampropsar tanagrinus
Tepui Mountain GrackleMacroagelaius imthurni
Cuban BlackbirdDives atroviolacea
Melodious BlackbirdDives dives
Scrub BlackbirdDives warszewiczi
Great-tailed GrackleQuiscalus mexicanus
Boat-tailed GrackleQuiscalus major
Nicaraguan GrackleQuiscalus nicaraguensis
Common GrackleQuiscalus quiscula
Greater Antillean GrackleQuiscalus niger
Carib GrackleQuiscalus lugubris
Rusty BlackbirdEuphagus carolinus
Brewer's BlackbirdEuphagus cyanocephalus
Bay-winged CowbirdMolothrus badius
Screaming CowbirdMolothrus rufoaxillaris
Shiny CowbirdMolothrus bonariensis
Bronzed CowbirdMolothrus aeneus
Brown-headed CowbirdMolothrus ater
Giant CowbirdMolothrus oryzivorus
BobolinkDolichonyx oryzivorus

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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