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125 Best Bird Watching Sites in India

125 Best Bird Watching Sites in India

Bikram Grewal, Bhanu Singh & Panchami Manoo Ukil

Available from 30 November 2019. India has a wide diversity of birdlife, comprising 1,211 species, of which 75 are endemic, making the country a richly rewarding destination for birdwatchers.

This fully illustrated guide describes the 125 best sites for viewing both common and rare species throughout the 29 states of the sub-continent. Alongside a map of each area, detailed descriptions of each site cover the type of terrain and specific spots at which certain species are likely to be encountered.

Other sections cover access and possible accommodation, as well as important indicators to conservation issues.

A fact file for each site lists the nearest town; the type of habitat; key lowland, montane and winter species to be seen as well as other wildlife specialities, and the best time to visit. 400 pages.

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