Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
Little Book of Robins

Little Book of Robins

Bill Oddie

Available from 30 November 2019. Making the ideal stocking-filler for anyone at Christmas, this small gift book celebrates Britain's National Bird - the ever-popular Robin. Despite travelling extensively around the world in search of birds, the author possesses a lifelong love affair with the common or garden Robin, being continually smitten by the friendly nature and charisma of this endearing bird. Packed with eye-catching photographs, the Little Book of Robins looks at why this species is so loved by everyone and delves into every aspect of its life, as well as exploring 'Robin lookalikes' from around the world. The book features dozens of beautiful photographs of Robins, including familiar garden scenes and birds in typically snowy settings, together with pictures showing aspects of their lives that are observed less frequently, such as nesting and courtship. Author Bill Oddie needs no introduction and lends his unique brand of expertise and humour to this beautiful book, ensuring broad appeal. 176 pages.

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