Atlantic Gannet

Handbook of Birds of the World (HBW)

Edited by Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott & David A Christie

HBW is the most remarkable publishing project on birds ever conceived and executed, It is the first work ever to illustrate all the species of birds in the world, in addition to providing access to all the essential information about each one of them. In fact, it is the first work ever to deal with each member of an entire Class of the Animal Kingdom. HBW volume 1 was published in 1992, and the 17th and final volume was published in July 2013. There are also plans to publish supplements after completion, covering new information, species and even new plates.

The first volume was greeted with great enthusiasm by the ornithological world and received excellent reviews in almost all of the world's specialised journals. The prestige gained permitted the incorporation of renowned experts from all over the world as authors. These experts are specialists in the families they write about and have helped HBW to become a truly international project, a feature which has been highlighted in many of the excellent reviews which have also been written on the subsequent volumes. A large number of them designate this series as an indispensable standard reference work.

HBW has been hailed as THE definitive handbook on all the world's 9,000+ species of birds. Each volume provides comprehensive descriptions of each family, plus condensed accounts of each member species, in a highly readable format. Every species (including major subspecies) are illustrated on colour plates. Colour photos illustrate rarer species, and aspects of behaviour. Maps show world resident, breeding and non-breeding ranges. Of particular note are the extensive sections on status and conservation.

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