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Brazilian Amazon and Pantanal: Travellers' Wildlife Guide

Brazilian Amazon and Pantanal: Travellers' Wildlife Guide

David L Pearson & Les Beletsky

Brazil is one of the world's biggest countries and is considered by conservation groups to be one of 10 or so "mega-diversity" countries, harbouring huge numbers of animal and plant species. It contains a third of the earth's remaining tropical forest. Most ecotravellers to Brazil will head for three main areas, two of which, the Amazon and Pantanal are covered in this book.

The Amazon is on the "must-list" of most ecotravellers and for wildlife watchers, naturalists and adventurers, few places on the planet match the allure of Brazil's Amazon region. The Pantanal region of Brazil lies in the south-western part of the country and contains one of the world's great wetland ecosystems - huge expanses of sub-tropical wetland forests and wet grasslands, and a hundred or more major and minor rivers. Wildlife is the main ecotourism attraction of Pantanal.

Covers common wildlife and plants visitors are most likely to see on their trips to the Amazon and Pantanal regions. The book will also be of value to tourists going to some areas of South America adjacent to Brazil (chiefly Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay).

A total of 100 colour plates illustrate about 500 animal species. This includes about 90-100 amphibians and reptiles, 310 birds, 70 mammals, and 30 insects. In the book section on habitats, approx. 50 species of common trees and other plants will be illustrated by colour drawings. 501 pages.

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