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Voices of New World Parrots

Voices of New World Parrots

Whitney, Parker, Budney, Munn & Bradbury

This audio production provides typical flight and perched vocalisations for 135 species of parrot found in Central and South America - the majority of the species and many of the populations of New World parrots. Each species is individually indexed and announced. The accompanying booklet includes notes on identification from a field perspective, with sections on the distinguishing visual features and behavioral characteristics of the genera of New World parrots, and highlights some of the principal conservation considerations surrounding New World Parrots. With the publication of this CD set comes the opportunity to learn to recognize these birds in the field, and to confirm tentative or doubtful identifications in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required.

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Common NameScientific Name
Hyacinthine MacawAnodorhynchus hyacinthinus
Blue-and-yellow MacawAra ararauna
Blue-throated MacawAra glaucogularis
Military MacawAra militaris
Great Green MacawAra ambigua
Scarlet MacawAra macao
Red-and-green MacawAra chloroptera
Red-fronted MacawAra rubrogenys
Chestnut-fronted MacawAra severa
Red-bellied MacawOrthopsittaca manilata
Golden-collared MacawPropyrrhura auricollis
Blue-winged MacawPropyrrhura maracana
Blue-headed MacawPropyrrhura couloni
Red-shouldered MacawDiopsittaca nobilis
Blue-crowned ConureAratinga acuticaudata
Golden ConureAratinga guarouba
Green ParakeetAratinga holochlora
Pacific ParakeetAratinga strenua
Crimson-fronted ParakeetAratinga finschi
Red-fronted ConureAratinga wagleri
Mitred ParakeetAratinga mitrata
Red-masked ConureAratinga erythrogenys
White-eyed ConureAratinga leucophthalmus
Hispaniolan ParakeetAratinga chloroptera
Cuban ParakeetAratinga euops
Golden-capped ConureAratinga auricapilla
Jandaya ConureAratinga jandaya
Sun ConureAratinga solstitialis
Dusky-headed ConureAratinga weddellii
Olive-throated ParakeetAratinga nana
Orange-fronted ParakeetAratinga canicularis
Brown-throated ParakeetAratinga pertinax
Cactus ConureAratinga cactorum
Peach-fronted ConureAratinga aurea
Nanday ConureNandayus nenday
Golden-plumed ParakeetLeptosittaca branickii
Common NameScientific Name
Yellow-eared ParakeetOgnorhynchus icterotis
Thick-billed ParrotRhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha
Maroon-fronted ParrotRhynchopsitta terrisi
Patagonian Burrowing ParrotCyanoliseus patagonus
Blue-throated ConurePyrrhura cruentata
Blaze-winged ParakeetPyrrhura devillei
Maroon-bellied ConurePyrrhura frontalis
Crimson-bellied ConurePyrrhura perlata
Pearly ConurePyrrhura lepida
Green-cheeked ConurePyrrhura molinae
Maroon-faced ConurePyrrhura leucotis
Painted ParakeetPyrrhura picta
Santa Marta ParakeetPyrrhura viridicata
Fiery-shouldered ConurePyrrhura egregia
Maroon-tailed ConurePyrrhura melanura
El Oro ConurePyrrhura orcesi
Rock ConurePyrrhura rupicola
White-breasted ConurePyrrhura albipectus
Flame-winged ConurePyrrhura calliptera
Blood-eared ConurePyrrhura hoematotis
Rose-headed ParakeetPyrrhura rhodocephala
Sulphur-winged ParakeetPyrrhura hoffmanni
Austral ParakeetEnicognathus ferrugineus
Slender-billed ParakeetEnicognathus leptorhynchus
Monk ParakeetMyiopsitta monachus
Grey-hooded ParakeetPsilopsiagon aymara
Mountain ParakeetPsilopsiagon aurifrons
Barred ParakeetBolborhynchus lineola
Andean ParakeetBolborhynchus orbygnesius
Mexican ParrotletForpus cyanopygius
Green-rumped ParrotletForpus passerinus
Blue-winged ParrotletForpus xanthopterygius
Spectacled ParrotletForpus conspicillatus
Dusky-billed ParrotletForpus sclateri
Pacific ParrotletForpus coelestis
Yellow-faced ParrotletForpus xanthops
Common NameScientific Name
Plain ParakeetBrotogeris tirica
White-winged ParakeetBrotogeris versicolurus
Yellow-chevroned ParakeetBrotogeris chiriri
Grey-cheeked ParakeetBrotogeris pyrrhopterus
Orange-chinned ParakeetBrotogeris jugularis
Cobalt-winged ParakeetBrotogeris cyanoptera
Golden-winged ParakeetBrotogeris chrysopterus
Tui ParakeetBrotogeris sanctithomae
Tepui ParrotletNannopsittaca panychlora
Amazonian ParrotletNannopsittaca dachilleae
Lilac-tailed ParrotletTouit batavica
Scarlet-shouldered ParrotletTouit huetii
Blue-fronted ParrotletTouit dilectissima
Sapphire-rumped ParrotletTouit purpurata
Brown-backed ParrotletTouit melanonotus
Golden-tailed ParrotletTouit surda
Spot-winged ParrotletTouit stictoptera
Black-headed ParrotPionites melanocephala
White-bellied ParrotPionites leucogaster
Pileated ParrotPionopsitta pileata
Brown-hooded ParrotPionopsitta haematotis
Orange-cheeked ParrotPionopsitta barrabandi
Saffron-headed ParrotPionopsitta pyrilia
Caica ParrotPionopsitta caica
Vulturine ParrotGypopsitta vulturina
Black-eared ParrotHapalopsittaca melanotis
Rusty-faced ParrotHapalopsittaca amazonina
Red-faced ParrotHapalopsittaca pyrrhops
Short-tailed ParrotGraydidascalus brachyurus
Blue-headed ParrotPionus menstruus
Red-billed ParrotPionus sordidus
Scaly-headed ParrotPionus maximiliani
White-capped ParrotPionus seniloides
White-crowned ParrotPionus senilis
Bronze-winged ParrotPionus chalcopterus
Dusky ParrotPionus fuscus
Common NameScientific Name
Yellow-billed ParrotAmazona collaria
Cuban ParrotAmazona leucocephala
Hispaniolan ParrotAmazona ventralis
White-fronted ParrotAmazona albifrons
Yellow-lored ParrotAmazona xantholora
Black-billed ParrotAmazona agilis
Puerto Rican ParrotAmazona vittata
Tucuman AmazonAmazona tucumana
Red-spectacled AmazonAmazona pretrei
Red-crowned ParrotAmazona viridigenalis
Lilac-crowned ParrotAmazona finschi
Red-lored ParrotAmazona autumnalis
Red-tailed AmazonAmazona brasiliensis
Blue-cheeked AmazonAmazona dufresniana
Red-browed AmazonAmazona rhodocorytha
Festive AmazonAmazona festiva
Yellow-faced AmazonAmazona xanthops
Yellow-shouldered AmazonAmazona barbadensis
Blue-fronted AmazonAmazona aestiva
Yellow-crowned ParrotAmazona ochrocephala
Kawall's AmazonAmazona kawalli
Orange-winged AmazonAmazona amazonica
Scaly-naped AmazonAmazona mercenaria
Mealy ParrotAmazona farinosa
Vinaceous AmazonAmazona vinacea
St. Lucia ParrotAmazona versicolor
Red-necked ParrotAmazona arausiaca
St. Vincent ParrotAmazona guildingii
Imperial ParrotAmazona imperialis
Red-fan ParrotDeroptyus accipitrinus
Blue-bellied ParrotTriclaria malachitacea

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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