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Beguiled by Birds - Ian Wallace on British Birdwatching

Beguiled by Birds - Ian Wallace on British Birdwatching

DIM Wallace

Over its long history, the study of birds has undergone dramatic changes in ideology and methodology, as the technological expertise available has grown and our understanding and appreciation of natural systems and the natural world has evolved. Birdwatching is no longer the preserve of "men of science", but is a hugely popular hobby among the general public. The mainstream birdwatching magazines are increasingly tackling complex issues such as phylogeny and speciation as well as publishing extremely sophisticated identification articles and raising the profile of great birdwatching destinations around the world. Ian Wallace's account of the history of birdwatching in Britain is interspersed with numerous anecdotes and illustrations and will appeal to everyone with any interest in birds and birdwatching in Britain.

Ian Wallace is a well-known figure in birdwatching circles. He has witnessed many 'pivotal moments' in British birdwatching. He is a sought-after public speaker and also an author and artist whose regular pieces for the ornithological press (in particular Birdwatching magazine) have earned him the affection of the British birdwatching public.

"It makes you want to bring Ian home, feed him, open a bottle of something - preferably Scottish in origin - wind him up and then sit back as he regales you with stories all night."

 - Gordon Hamlett, Bird Watching

304 pages.

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