Ringed Plover by Julian Bhalerao
A Birdwatchers' Guide to the Canary Islands

A Birdwatchers' Guide to the Canary Islands

Tony Clarke & David Collins

1996. Provides detailed information on birding sites on this island archipelago, each site entry giving location and access, accommodation, birding strategy and species expected to be seen. Also includes additional useful information on planning a trip, such as travel, climate and clothing, health and medical facilities.

Provides the travelling birdwatcher with all the information he or she will need to make the most of a birdwatching holiday or tour. The guides are researched and compiled by expert birdwatchers with outstanding knowledge of the birdlife of the particular region or country.

Contains a comprehensive and up-to-date site by site list of the major, and many minor, areas of interest to birdwatchers. Each main site entry includes a map, information on permits and access restrictions, guidance on best visiting times and seasonal variations, and a list of the more interesting species which can normally be seen. Wherever possible mention is made of the other interesting wildlife at each site.

Each guide includes a selective bird list giving brief details on distribution and status of the uncommon birds which may be found, cross-referenced to site information, and a full species list for the region or country. Checklists of other wildlife are also provided when possible.

Other features include pre-tour information; transport details and advice; information on climate, clothing, food, accommodation, health, and medical and financial facilities. Care is taken to advise travellers of regulations and prohibitions which could adversely affect the trip. 110 pages.

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