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Dragonflies & Damselflies of Great Britain

Dragonflies & Damselflies of Great Britain

Published by BirdGuides

Often referred to as the birdwatchers' insect, dragonflies actually include two closely related groups, the true dragonflies and the more delicate damselflies. This DVD helps to tackle the problems of identification by giving the viewer a good grounding of the parts that make up a dragonfly. Fully narrated, it includes stunning close-up footage of our most impressive insects. It will also help the viewer to search out the best places to look for dragonflies. Fully indexed. 90 min.

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Common NameScientific Name
Beautiful DemoiselleCalopteryx virgo
Banded DemoiselleCalopteryx splendes
Emerald DamselflyLestes sponsa
Scarce Emerald DamselflyLestes dryas
White-legged DamselflyPlatycnemis pennipes
Large-eyed DamselflyPyrrhosoma nymphula
Red-eyed DamselflyErthromma najas
Southern DamselflyCoenagrion mercuriale
Northern DamselflyCoenagrion hastulatum
Azure DamselflyCoenagrion puella
Variable DamselflyCoenagrion pulchellum
Common Blue DamselflyEnallagma cyathigerum
Scarce Blue-tailed DamselflyIschnura pumilio
Blue-tailed DamselflyIschnura elegans
Small-red DamselflyErythomma najas
Azure HawkerAeshna caerulea
Common HawkerAeshna juncea
Migrant HawkerAeshna mixta
Southern HawkerAeshna cyanea
Brown HawkerAeshna grandis
Norfolk HawkerAeshna isosceles
Emperor DragonflyAnax imperator
Lesser EmperorAnax parthenope
Hairy DragonflyBrachytron pratense
Club-tailed DragonflyGomphus vulgatissimus
Golden-ringed DragonflyCordulegaster boltonii
Downy EmeraldCordulia aenea
Brilliant EmeraldSomatochlora metallica
Northern EmeraldSomatochlora arctica
Four-spotted ChaserLibellula quadrimaculata
Scarce ChaserLibellula fulva
Broad-bodies ChaserLibellula depressa
Black-tailed SkimmerOrthetrum cancellatum
Keeled SkimmerOrthertrum coerulescens
Scarlet DragonflyCrocothemis erythaea
Common DarterSympetrum striolatum
Common NameScientific Name
Highland DarterSympetrum nigrescens
Vagrant DarterSympetrum vulgatum
Red-veined DarterSympetrum fonscolombii
Yellow-winged DarterSympetrum flaveolum
Ruddy DarterSympetrum sanguineum
Black DarterSympetrum danae
White-faced DragonflyLeucorrhinia dubia

Disclaimer The species list above has been manually captured directly from the title concerned. Please note that the list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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