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Where the birds are in northeast Spain

Where the birds are in northeast Spain

Steve West

(2004). Amply illustrated with the brush and pen work of the accomplished wildlife artist Ernest Leahy and others. 26 colour photos of some of the best scenery in the region. 28 site maps for the most frequently cited areas. Regional location maps for most species.

114 species treated in depth, with introductory texts describing migratory calendar, habitat, status and general distribution; this is followed by directions to the most suitable sites for observing each species.

Introductory chapters on language, maps, accommodation, timing and conservation.

Complete regional checklist with general status.

Additional species section dealing with a further 44 species of possible interest

The main strength of this book lies in its basic approach, centred on the most interesting species from a visiting birder's point of view, rather than on the main sites. Thereby the reader can directly seek out the species that he/she most wants to see, rather than sifting through a lot of general information in search of useful snippets or broad indications which can often be far from practical in the field. Furthermore, the wide selection of locations well distributed throughout the region, many of which have received scant or no attention from previous publications, invites the curious birder to venture off the beaten track and to savour the more unique experience of finding the birds for himself. In other words, Where the birds are in northeast Spain is a practical birding guide to the region, an exciting area with a great variety of birds and landscapes.

On a short visit to Barcelona or Zaragoza, and perhaps can squeeze in a day's birding? Take this book.

Planning a family holiday somewhere along the coast of Catalunya, or trekking/touring the Pyrenees? Take this book.

Planning a birding trip of between 3 and 14 days in the region? Coming with a list of your ten most-wanted species? Signed up for an organised bird tour to the area? Take this book. 269 pages.

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