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Bird Songs of Pacific States (CD)

Bird Songs of Pacific States (CD)

Thomas G Sander

Features 132 species found in the Pacific States (California, Oregon & Washington). They include more than 100 songbird species as well as seabirds, hawks, owls, grouse, hummingbirds and woodpeckers. The bird species are grouped according to the preferred nesting habitats.

This sound guide is valuable even if you don't live in the Pacific states. You can hear most of these birds throughout the entire western United States.

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Common NameScientific Name
Northern GoshawkAccipiter gentilis
Red-shouldered HawkButeo lineatus
Red-tailed HawkButeo jamaicensis
Mountain QuailOreortyx pictus
California QuailLophortyx californicus
Greater Sage-GrouseCentrocercus urophasianus
Sandhill CraneGrus canadensis
Virginia RailRallus limicola
Yellow RailCoturnicops noveboracensis
Black RailLaterallus jamaicensis
SoraPorzana carolina
Wilson's SnipeGallinago delicata
Marbled MurreletBrachyramphus marmoratus
Barn OwlTyto alba
Western Screech-OwlOtus kennicottii
Great Horned OwlBubo virginianus
Barred OwlStrix varia
Spotted OwlStrix occidentalis
Northern Pygmy-OwlGlaucidium californicum
Burrowing OwlAthene cunicularia
Northern Saw-whet OwlAegolius acadicus
Common NighthawkChordeiles minor
Common PoorwillPhalaenoptilus nuttallii
Anna's HummingbirdCalypte anna
Rufous HummingbirdSelasphorus rufus
Allen's HummingbirdSelasphorus sasin
Acorn WoodpeckerMelanerpes formicivorus
Red-breasted SapsuckerSphyrapicus ruber
Williamson's SapsuckerSphyrapicus thyroideus
Nuttall's WoodpeckerPicoides nuttallii
Hairy WoodpeckerPicoides villosus
Black-backed WoodpeckerPicoides arcticus
Northern FlickerColaptes auratus
Olive-sided FlycatcherContopus cooperi
Western Wood-PeweeContopus sordidulus
Willow FlycatcherEmpidonax traillii
Common NameScientific Name
Hammond's FlycatcherEmpidonax hammondii
American Dusky FlycatcherEmpidonax oberholseri
Grey FlycatcherEmpidonax wrightii
Pacific-slope FlycatcherEmpidonax difficilis
Black PhoebeSayornis nigricans
Say's PhoebeSayornis saya
Ash-throated FlycatcherMyiarchus cinerascens
Western KingbirdTyrannus verticalis
Horned LarkEremophila alpestris
American DipperCinclus mexicanus
American Rock WrenSalpinctes obsoletus
Canyon WrenCatherpes mexicanus
Marsh WrenCistothorus palustris
Bewick's WrenThryomanes bewickii
Winter WrenTroglodytes troglodytes
House WrenTroglodytes aedon
Northern MockingbirdMimus polyglottos
Sage ThrasherOreoscoptes montanus
California ThrasherToxostoma redivivum
Western BluebirdSialia mexicana
Varied ThrushIxoreus naevius
Swainson's ThrushCatharus ustulatus
Hermit ThrushCatharus guttatus
American RobinTurdus migratorius
WrentitChamaea fasciata
Blue-grey GnatcatcherPolioptila caerulea
Golden-crowned KingletRegulus satrapa
Ruby-crowned KingletRegulus calendula
BushtitPsaltriparus minimus
Mountain ChickadeePoecile gambeli
Chestnut-backed ChickadeePoecile rufescens
Oak TitmouseBaeolophus inornatus
Pygmy NuthatchSitta pygmaea
Red-breasted NuthatchSitta canadensis
White-breasted NuthatchSitta carolinensis
Brown CreeperCerthia americana
Common NameScientific Name
Steller's JayCyanocitta stelleri
Western Scrub-JayAphelocoma californica
Yellow-billed MagpiePica nuttalli
Clark's NutcrackerNucifraga columbiana
Fox SparrowPasserella iliaca
Song SparrowMelospiza melodia
Lincoln's SparrowMelospiza lincolnii
White-crowned SparrowZonotrichia leucophrys
Golden-crowned SparrowZonotrichia atricapilla
Dark-eyed JuncoJunco hyemalis
Savannah SparrowPasserculus sandwichensis
Grasshopper SparrowAmmodramus savannarum
Chipping SparrowSpizella passerina
Black-chinned SparrowSpizella atrogularis
Brewer's SparrowSpizella breweri
Vesper SparrowPooecetes gramineus
Lark SparrowChondestes grammacus
Black-throated SparrowAmphispiza bilineata
Sage SparrowAmphispiza nevadensis
Rufous-crowned SparrowAimophila ruficeps
Spotted TowheePipilo maculatus
California TowheePipilo crissalis
Green-tailed TowheeChlorura chlorura
Black-headed GrosbeakPheucticus melanocephalus
Lazuli BuntingPasserina amoena
Western TanagerPiranga ludoviciana
Orange-crowned WarblerVermivora celata
Nashville WarblerVermivora ruficapilla
Yellow WarblerDendroica aestiva
Black-throated Grey WarblerDendroica nigrescens
Townsend's WarblerDendroica townsendi
Hermit WarblerDendroica occidentalis
Yellow-rumped WarblerDendroica coronata
Common YellowthroatGeothlypis trichas
MacGillivray's WarblerOporornis tolmiei
Wilson's WarblerWilsonia pusilla
Common NameScientific Name
Yellow-breasted ChatIcteria virens
Hutton's VireoVireo huttoni
Cassin's VireoVireo cassinii
Warbling VireoVireo gilvus
Pine SiskinCarduelis pinus
American GoldfinchCarduelis tristis
Lesser GoldfinchCarduelis psaltria
Lawrence's GoldfinchCarduelis lawrencei
Purple FinchCarpodacus purpureus
Cassin's FinchCarpodacus cassinii
House FinchCarpodacus mexicanus
Common CrossbillLoxia curvirostra
Evening GrosbeakHesperiphona vespertina
Bullock's OrioleIcterus bullockii
Yellow-headed BlackbirdXanthocephalus xanthocephalus
Red-winged BlackbirdAgelaius phoeniceus
Tricolored BlackbirdAgelaius tricolor
Western MeadowlarkSturnella neglecta
Brown-headed CowbirdMolothrus ater

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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