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Birds of Argentina and the South-west Atlantic

Birds of Argentina and the South-west Atlantic

Mark Pearman & Juan Ignacio Areta. Associate editor: Nigel Redman. Illustrated by Aldo Chiappe, Jorge Rodriguez Mata, Richard Johnson & Alan Harris.

Argentina is one of South America's premier birding destinations. It encompasses a wide range of habitats, from lush rainforests in the north, via vast pampas grasslands to the windswept wastes of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in the south.

This is the first English field guide ever published to the birds of this fascinating country and is the standard sized Helm Field Guide. Covers Argentina and all Fuegian and Hornean islands south to the Diego Ramírez Islands and east to the Falklands.

With 1075 species fully illustrated and described, this spectacular book includes 199 stunning colour plates which depict every species and many distinct plumages and subspecies, including 28 endemics and 17 near-endemics. The plates are by some of the world's foremost artists, with concise identification text on facing pages. There are also accurate, up-to-date colour distribution maps for every species included in the main text.

The product of more than 25 years of scholarship, this is the ultimate guide to the birds of this special corner of the Neotropics.

A second hardback volume (In preparation) will contain more detailed text covering the distribution, taxonomy, and systematics of the birds of Argentina. The projected publication date is late 2022. It is likely to be a larger format than a standard Helm Field Guide. 480 pages.

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