Blue Tit by Julian Bhalerao

Wildlife in Printmaking

Editor: Carry Akroyd

A collection of work by 22 artists whose delight is to experiment with the vagaries of printmaking, refining their ideas to fit a process, or inventing a process to suit their ideas.

Their images are triggered by encounters with wildlife. They know the habits and habitats of wildlife and respond to it with interpretation full of freshness, imagination and vivacity.

This is a collection of artists from different generations, with varied styles and diverse approaches to making prints, who are all united in taking inspiration from the natural world, from insects to whales and flowers to forests.

The book includes the work of the following artists:-

  • Carry Akroyd
  • Kim Atkinson
  • Louise Bird
  • Robert Gillmor
  • Robert Greenhalf
  • Andrew Haslen
  • Lisa Hooper
  • David Koster
  • Kathleen Lindsley
  • Julia Manning
  • Julian Meredith
  • Elizabeth Morris
  • John Paige
  • Peter Partington
  • Nik Pollard
  • Greg Poole
  • Colin See-Paynton
  • Ian Stephens
  • Andrew Stock
  • Thelma Sykes
  • Howard Towll
  • Matt Underwood

168 pages.

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