Atlantic Gannet
Where to find birds in far north New Zealand

Where to find birds in far north New Zealand

Detlef Davies

Over 40 prime birdwatching sites listed with plenty of colour photographs and maps (some hand-drawn but most detailed OS maps). Includes useful contacts and species lists etc. Each sites also includes GPS co-ordinates.

Compared to the first edition, the second edition has the following changes and improvements

  • Printed on gloss paper which has much enhanced the photos throughout the book
  • Site 2 - includes Orongo Bay as site for Weka + photo
  • Site 4 - Te Haumi, Caspian Tern photo instead of Reef Heron
  • Site 7 - Robin photo removed & appears later (larger). Gannet project described with photo
  • Site 11 - Aroha Island - mentions Skudders Beach Reserve as Fernbird site
  • Better Shining Cuckoo photo
  • Site 13 - Better Pied Stilt photo
  • Sites 13 & 14 divided differently, 14 is Whangaroa & Stephenson Island including new Fernbird site & photo
  • Site 19 - Much better Dabchick photo & Aus Little Grebe.
  • Site 20 - photo moved to site 30
  • Site 24 - Diagram of track updated, Welcome Swallow photo.
  • Site 25 - new Kokako photo
  • Site 26 - Replaced Grey Teal photo
  • Site 28 - Replaced Tomtit photo, new Long-tailed Cuckoo photo & better Robin.
  • Site 39 - Flesh-footed Shearwater photo
  • New photos at end of Beach Patrol section
  • Bird list up to 165 from 163 (Australian Pelican & Southern Giant Petrel added)
  • New section on finding rarities with photos
  • Sites on route - photo of Waro Lake
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