Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
Trophy Cam

Trophy Cam

Published by Bushnell

The camera's are battery powered (not supplied) requiring 4 to 12 batteries (depending on model and usage) but the batteries should last for up to a year.

Each camera comes with an adjustable web belt so it can be secured to a post or a tree for example, although there are additional accessories available to better ensure the security of the camera.

All three models also have the Field Scan Mode - a feature which enables the camera to take time lapse sequences - idea for filming sunsets, moonrise or the movement of tides (and the associated waders).

All models are rugged & weatherproof and can take SD cards up to 32GB in size, useful for storing large numbers of photographs or video.

Light enough (without the AA batteries) to take with you on holiday to see what is skulking around outside your tent or the hotel grounds while you're sleeping!

Trail Cam HD
Trail Cam HD Max
Image Sensor size 2MP 5MP
Still Image Resolution[1] up to 6MP up to 8MP
Infrared Sensor Range approx. 45 ft./15 m
PIR[2] Sensor Settings Low/Med/High Low/Med/High/Auto
Field Scan [3] Yes Yes[4]
Time Lapse Interval 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes
Video Resolution[5] VGA (640x480) (30fps) Widescreen (1280x720)
VGA (640x480)
QVGA (320x240)
(20-30fps - day; 15-20fps - night)
Video Length 5-15 seconds 5-60 seconds
Audio Recording no yes
Night Vision Flash 60 ft. (19m) 45 ft. (15m)
Date & Time Stamp yes
Temp &Moon Stamp yes
GPS Stamp no yes
(based on manual GPS entry)
Barometric Stamp[6] no yes
LCD Display B&W text screen Colour (2.4")
SD Card Capacity 32 GB
Power Supply[7] AA (4/8) AA (4/8/12)
Lens (Focal Length) 7.6mm 3.1mm
Trigger Speed 1 second (or less) 0.6 seconds
LED Type Standard Infra-red No-glow Black[8]

[1]Larger still images are achieved using interpolation algorithms.
[2]PIR - Passive Infra-Red :Typical "motion" detector. This type of sensor measures changes in infra-red energy (heat) levels and is triggered when a certain heat value is detected.
[3]Field Scan : Time-lapse option which will automatically snap images at preset intervals within the hours of your choice.
[4]It is possible to set up two intervals for the time-lapse photography
[5]fps (Frames per second) - the more frames per second the smoother the resulting video will appear.
[6]Indicates whether the atmospheric pressure was rising, falling or flat at the time the still photograph was taken.
[7] Battery life depends on the type of battery, operating temperature and the number of photographs taken. The quoted battery life (1 year) is based on 30 photographs a day using Lithium batteries at an operating temperature of 30°F. Re-chargeable batteries are not recommended. Optional 6v external power supply (not supplied) can be used instead of batteries.
[8]Black LEDs produce light which is less visible to most creatures than standard infra-red LEDs.

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X-8 £209.95 £189.95 UK & EU (£158.29 Non EU)
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HD £299.00 £249.00 UK & EU (£207.50 Non EU)
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HD Max £329.00 £259.00 UK & EU (£215.83 Non EU)

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