Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
Batbox IIID

Batbox IIID

Published by Batbox Ltd

Heterodyne bat detector designed for single-handed use in the field, with an easy-to-read (backlit) digital display.

Heterodyne Detection

Heterodyne bat detectors are great for beginners and offer immediate identification of bats in the field. You select the ultrasonic frequency range to listen to just like tuning in radio. Heterodyne detectors typically have a headphone socket and line-out socket for recording calls.

Heterodyne sounds are produced by subtracting 2 sound signals from each other. In this case, the first sound is the bat call and the second is a high frequency signal produced by the oscillator built into the Batbox. The difference between the two signal frequencies is low enough to be heard by humans - for example a bat producing a sound at 42kHz subtracted from a constant frequency of 40kHz produces a sound in the 2kHz range.

The Batbox includes a built in weatherproof speaker as well as a headphone socket and a microphone socket for recording the sounds for later use.

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