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Jewels Beyond the Plough: A Celebration of Britan's Grasslands

Jewels Beyond the Plough: A Celebration of Britan's Grasslands

Richard Jefferson (Author), John Davis (Illustrator)

A celebration of Britain's wildflower grasslands. The illustrations capture the beauty of grassland landscapes with their rich flora and fauna. A quick glance shows the remarkable range of plants and animals associated with wildflower grasslands. Orchids, cowslips, buttercups, fritillaries, pasque flowers, Curlews, Lapwings, butterflies, grasshoppers, waxcap fungi, mosses and lichens all feature prominently.

It is hoped that Jewels Beyond the Plough will provide an inspiration and raise awareness of the beauty and value to society of our wildflower-rich grasslands.

Jewels Beyond the Plough concentrates on and celebrates Britain's semi-natural or wildflower grasslands which are made up of unsown, wild native plants. Two other types of grassland that are semi improved have been included in the book as they have significant wildlife or heritage value. These are coastal and flood plain grazing marsh, and water meadows. 168 pages.

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