Blue Tit by Julian Bhalerao
The Lost Boy, the Doodlebug and the mysterious Number 80

The Lost Boy, the Doodlebug and the mysterious Number 80

Stevie Henden

During the London Blitz, a young woman named Iris has a vision while reading the Tarot of two lovers in great peril. She realises her destiny is to help them. Meanwhile Robert, a repressed Battle of Britain pilot, dreams of happiness and of a love he can never have.

Charlie, a troubled little boy with amazing blue-green eyes, growing up in the 1950s South London, dreams repeatedly of the number '80'. He knows only that it means something terrible and evil. Elsewhere, a dark and disturbed man dreams of Charlie and knows his destiny is to kill him.

This time travelling tale moves between present day Dulwich, World War II London, the gay bars of the 1970s, Eva Peron's Buenos Aires and Glastonbury Tor in 1989. It's a tale of great love an loss, destiny and tragedy, spiritual transformation and self-acceptance. Ultimately this is a modern day fairy tale, handsome princes, a grande dame, an evil villain and a mind twisting time travelling mystery.

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