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Springwatch Unsprung: Why Do Robins Have Red Breasts? - All Your Wildlife Questions Answered

Springwatch Unsprung: Why Do Robins Have Red Breasts? - All Your Wildlife Questions Answered

Jo Stevens, et al

Which birds have the most air miles? Are Adders born venomous?

'Springwatch Unsprung' brings together all the most-asked questions from the surprise hit BBC 2 TV spin-off of the same name. Includes viewers' anecdotes and questions as well as quizzes, activities and advice on all aspects of wildlife and nature.

Many seemingly simple questions turn out to have complex answers, and some that seem difficult have a very simple explanation. All wildlife questions - be they trivial, idiosyncratic, baffling or strange - are covered, making this compilation equally as entertaining and enlightening as it is educational. Arranged by season, the book allows people to discover what is going on around them at any particular time of year.

Each seasonal section comprises:

  • A short introduction to the season including what the wildlife-watcher might expect to see at this time of year.
  • Questions and answers drawing on the latest research, but translated by the Springwatch experts.
  • Quizzes - simple, mostly multiple choice questions e.g. who collects the most air miles? Spring sees the arrival of many of our migrant birds but which travels the furthest?
  • What You Can Do - suggestions of seasonal activities including top tips on how to help wildlife at any given time of year, plus 3 or 4 things to make and do. e.g. helping your hogs -what and how to feed hedgehogs and what to do if you find an underweight one that should be hibernating.

320 pages.

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