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Wildlife of the Caribbean

Wildlife of the Caribbean

Herbert A Raffaele & James W Wiley

The first comprehensive illustrated guide to the natural world of the Caribbean islands. It contains 600 vivid colour images featuring 451 species of plants, birds, mammals, fish, seashells, and much more. While 'Wildlife of the Caribbean' primarily looks at the most conspicuous and widespread species among the islands, it also includes rarely seen creatures - such as the Rhinoceros Iguana and Cuban Solenodon - giving readers a special sense of the region's diverse wildlife. Each species is represented by one or more colour photos or illustrations; details regarding its identification, status, and distribution; and interesting aspects of its life history or relationship to humans. In addition, an introductory section focuses on the unique characteristics of the Caribbean's fauna and flora, the threats faced by both, and some of the steps being taken to sustain the area's extraordinary natural heritage. 304 pages.

Plates and Short Descriptions shown on same spread.Plates and Short Descriptions shown on same spread.
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