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Sounds of Neotropical Rainforest Mammals

Sounds of Neotropical Rainforest Mammals

Emmons, Whitney & Ross

Designed as a audio companion to Neotropical Rainforest Mammals. Presents the characteristic sounds of 109 species, including 54 primates and 55 other mammals including such diverse species such as anteaters, bats, kinkajous, jaguars, tapirs, peccaries, manatees, squirrels and bamboo rats. In a rainforest environment where dense vegetation blocks the view, familiarity with sound is essential for identifying the secretive mammals that live there.

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Common NameScientific Name
Central American Wooly OpossumCaluromys derbianus
Giant AnteaterMyrmecophaga tridactyla
Northern TamanduaTamandua mexicana
Pygmy AnteaterCyclopes didactylus
Nine Banded ArmadilloDasypus novemcinctus
White-lined Sac0winged BatSaccopteryx bilineata
Greater Spear-nosed BatPhyllostomus hastatus
Bonneted BatEumops sp.
Crab-eating FoxCerdocyon thous
Bush DogSpeothos venaticus
Northern RaccoonProcyon lotor
South American CoatiNasua nasua
White-nosed CoatiNasua narica
CacomistleBassariscus sumichrasti
OlingoBassaricyon gabbii
KinkajouPotos flavus
TayraEira barbara
Southern River OtterLontra longicaudis
Giant OtterPteronura brasiliensis
JanuarundiHerpailurus yaguarondi
JaguarPathera onca
PumaPuma concolor
BotoInia geoffrensis
Brazilian TapirTapirus terrestris
Collared PeccaryTayassu tajacu
White-lipped PeccaryTayassu pecari
Red Brocket DeerMazama americana
White-tailed DeerOdocoileus virginianus
West Indian ManateeTrichechis manatus
Amazonian ManateeTrichechis inunguis
South Yungas Red SquirrelSciurus argentineus
Deppe's SquirrelSciurus deppei
Red-tailed SquirrelSciurus granatensis
Bolivian SquirrelSciurus ignitus
Northern Amazon Red SquirrelSciurus igniventris
Southern Amazon Red SquirrelSciurus spadiceus
Common NameScientific Name
Guayaquil SquirrelSciurus stramineus
Variegated SquirrelSciurus variegatoides
Central American Dwarf SquirrelMicrosciurus alfari
Neotropical Pygmy SquirrelSciurillus pusillus
Amazon Dwarf SquirrelMicrosciurus flavuventer sabanillae
Harvest MouseReithrodontomys gracilis
Austin's Pygmy MouseScotinomys teguina
Mexican Hairy PorcupineCoendou mexicanus
CapybaraHydrochaeris hydrochaeris
Central American AgoutiDasprocta punctata
Brown AgoutiDasyprocata variegata
PacaAgouti paca
Armoured RatHoplomys gymnurus
Bamboo RatDactylomys dactylinus
Bolivian Bamboo RatDactylomys dactylinus boliviensis
Ecuadorean Bamboo RatDactylomys dactylinus modestus
Southern Bamboo RatKannabateomys amblyonyx
Pygmy MarmosetCebuella pygmae
Silvery MarmosetCallithris argentata argentata
Black-tailed Silvery MarmosetCallithris argentata melanura
Snethlage's MarmosetCallithrix emiliae
Tassel-ear MarmosetCallithrix humeralifera
Buffy-headed MarmosetCallithrix flaviceps
Saddleback TamarinSaguinus fuscicollis
Golden-mantle TamarinSaguinus tripartitus
Black-mantle TamarinSaguinus nigricollis
Emperor TamarinSaguinius imperator
Red-chested Mustached TamarinSaguinus labiatus
Black-chested Mustached TamarinSaguinus mystax
Golden-Handeded TamarinSaguinus midas
Brazilian Bare-faced TamarinSaguinus bicolor
Silvery-brown Bare-face TamarinSaguinus leucopus
Cotton-top TamarinSaguinus oedipus
Geoffroy's TamarinSaguinus geoffroyi
Golden Lion TamarinLeontopithecus rosalia
Golden-headed Lion TamarinLeontopithecus chrysopygus
Common NameScientific Name
Goeldi's MonkeyCallimicio goeldii
Azara's Night MonkeyAotus azarae
Feline Night MonkeyAotus infulatus
Gray-necked Night MonkeyAotus vociferans
Dusky Titi MonkeyCalliceebus moloch brunneus
Masked Titi MonkeyCallicebus personatus
Yellow-handed Titi MonkeyCallicebus torquatus
Central American Squirrel MonekSaimiri oerstedii
Common Squirrel MoneySaimiri sciureus
White-fronted Capuchin MonkeyCebus albifrons
Brown Capuchin MonkeyCebus apella
White-throated Capuchin MonkeyCebus capucinus
Wedge-capped Capuchin MonkeyCebus olivaceus
Equitorial Saki MonkeyPithecia aequatorialis
Monk Saki MonkeyPithecia monachus monachus
Gray's Monk Saki MonkeyPithecia monachus irrorata
Guianan Saki MonkeyPithecia pithecia
White-nosed Bearded Saki MnkeyChiropotes albinasus
Brown Bearded Saki MonkeyChiropotes satanas
Red Uakari MonkeyCacaja calvus
Black Uakari MonkeyCacajaco melanocephalus
Red-handed Howler MonkeyAlouatta belzebul
Black Howler MonkeyAlouatta caraya
Brown Howler MonkeyAlouatta fusca
Mantled Howler MonkeyAlouatta palliata
Mexican Black Howler MonkeyAlouatta pigra
Red Howler MonkeyAlouatta seniculus
Yellow-tailed Woolly MonkeyLagothrix flavicauda
Common Woolly MonkeyLagothrix lagothricha
White-bellied Spider MonkeyAteles belzebuth belzebuth
Black-faced Spider MonkeyAteles belzebuth chamek
Central American Spider MonkeyAteles geoffroyi
Guianan Black Spider MonkeyAteles paniscus paniscus
Muriqui MonkeyBrachyteles arachnoides

Disclaimer The species list above has been manually captured directly from the title concerned. Please note that the list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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