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Spiders: The Ultimate Predators

Spiders: The Ultimate Predators

Stephen Dalton

Spiders are the most successful terrestrial predators on earth and we are privileged to share the planet with about 40,000 known species of these remarkable animals. Wherever we are, from mountain tops to seashores and from ponds to deserts, there is likely to be at least one spider within a few feet of us. Their success lies in the astonishing array of techniques they have evolved for catching their prey, such as traps in the form of webs, lassoing, jumping, stealing, chasing, ambushing, spitting, fishing, masquerading as other animals, and even attracting prey by mimicking the prey's pheromones.

Stephen Dalton's detailed photographs, unswervingly superb and beautiful, chronicle the various types of predatory spiders.The chapters are divided according to the type of predator, and each one focuses on different species, their habitats, hunting techniques, general characteristics and location in the world. Also featured are chapters on anatomy of spiders, and a guide to photographing spiders. 208 pages.

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