Atlantic Gannet

Voices of the Peruvian Rainforest

Ted Parker

Take a narrated walk through the Peruvian rainforest and experience its exotic tropical songs and cries. Over 37 bird species. Narrated.

Sound Guide
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Common NameScientific Name
Undulated TinamouCrypturellus undulatus
Horned ScreamerAnhima cornuta
Red-throated CaracaraIbycter americanus
Speckled ChachalacaOrtalis guttata
Spix's GuanPenelope jacquacu
White-winged TrumpeterPsophia leucoptera
Gray-necked Wood-RailAramides cajanea
Blackish RailPardirallus nigricans
Rufous-sided CrakeLaterallus melanophaius
Grey-fronted DoveLeptotila rufaxilla
Red-and-green MacawAra chloroptera
Yellow-crowned ParrotAmazona ochrocephala
Mealy ParrotAmazona farinosa
HoatzinOpisthocomus hoazin
Pheasant CuckooDromococcyx phasianellus
Tropical Screech-OwlOtus choliba
Spectacled OwlPulsatrix perspicillata
Great PotooNyctibius grandis
Grey PotooNyctibius griseus
Common PauraqueNyctidromus albicollis
Black-fronted NunbirdMonasa nigrifrons
Red-billed ToucanRamphastos tucanus
Warbling AntbirdHypocnemis cantator
White-lined AntbirdPercnostola lophotes
White-shouldered AntbirdMyrmeciza melanoceps
Rufous-fronted AntthrushFormicarius rufifrons
Rusty-belted TapaculoLiosceles thoracicus
Ringed AntpipitCorythopis torquata
Rusty-margined FlycatcherMyiozetetes cayanensis
Thrush-like Cactus-WrenCampylorhynchus turdinus
Buff-breasted WrenThryothorus leucotis
Musician WrenCyphorhinus aradus
Lawrence's ThrushTurdus lawrencii
Grey SaltatorSaltator coerulescens
Dusky-capped GreenletHylophilus hypoxanthus
Russet-backed OropendolaPsarocolius angustifrons
Common NameScientific Name
Yellow-rumped CaciqueCacicus cela

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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