Blue Tit by Julian Bhalerao
The Eagle Owl

The Eagle Owl

Vincenzo Penteriani & María del Mar Delgado

The Eagle Owl known rather more evocatively as the Uhu in German, in reference to its haunting, far-carrying nocturnal call is a very large and impressive bird of prey. One of the largest owls in the world, it is a fierce hunter of large birds and mammals up to the size of foxes and small deer, and as an undisputed top predator, its ecology is fascinating. This Poyser monograph looks at distribution, foraging ecology, migration, breeding behaviour, conservation issues and population dynamics of this spectacular bird, across its vast Eurasian range. The authors have undertaken many years of research on populations in and around Coto Doñana in Spain. Other populations considered include the tiny, recently introduced one in England. 384 pages.

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