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Great British Birding Experiences

Great British Birding Experiences

Dan Brown

Expert birder Dan Brown knows exactly what makes other people with an interest in birds tick whether it is watching a single charismatic bird in flight, finding something out of the ordinary, or witnessing a true avian spectacle.

Dan has compiled a 'Top 40' list of the very best that the UK has to offer. These experiences vary, from watching huge congregations of geese or waders, spending a night in a petrel or shearwater colony, to getting up early to listen to the dawn chorus and watching skydancing Hen Harriers. The month-by-month calendar approach makes it easy for the reader to dip into Great British Birding Experiences and find out what the key spectacles they should be looking for are at any time of year. Locator maps and a gazetteer make it easy to locate sites.

The UK is incredibly fortunate to be home to an amazing network of conservation bodies, protected areas, and a plethora of birds in a compact and highly varied country. Every year birds descend from all parts of the world: Brent Geese and Turnstones from Canada, Swallows and Sandwich Terns from South Africa, Sooty Shearwaters from the South Atlantic, Lesser Whitethroats from India and Rednecked Phalaropes from the coast of South America. The UK really is an international hub of bird activity, and never have birds and wildlife in general been so accessible to the masses. With this unique book as your guide, it is possible for readers to experience the incredible sights and wonders as well. 320 pages.

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