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Finding Birds in Catalonia

Finding Birds in Catalonia

Dave Gosney

Catalonia is an exceptional place for birds and this book will help you find far more birds than you are likely to manage on your own. By covering the best sites from the Ebro delta to the Pyrenees, it gives you exact details of where to see birds such as Bonelli's Eagle, Little Bittern, Little Bustard, Roller, Black-bellied and Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Moustached Warbler, Spectacled Warbler, Black Woodpecker, Citril Finch, Rock Thrush and Red-billed Leothrix all based on observations in 2017 and 2018.

Unique features, compared to other publications covering the same area, this one:

  • Provides the most useful maps - so you can easily find your way to the best bits of wetland, steppe or woodland.
  • Includes GPS co-ordinates to help you find the right turnings, parking spaces or viewing points.
  • Highlights the best areas only - and summarises the key attraction in the first paragraph so you can easily decide whether to read on or bother to visit the site.
  • Has a map on the inside cover which serves as an index so you can easily find any site in the book.
  • Is light and portable (and cheap).
  • Is supplemented by the site pages on the Easybirder website (which include photos of many of the locations).
  • Is updated in the free update pages on the Easybirder website, giving details of what other birders have found at these sites.

"Here's a guide to birdwatching in Catalonia from the point of view of a visiting birder. Based on my own experiences there in 2017 and 2018, it points out that some species are harder to find than other publications might lead you to believe but it also gives you up-to-date and exact details of where many of the most exciting birds can still be located."

 - Dave Gosney

40 pages.

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