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Walker's Mammals of the World: Edition 6

Walker's Mammals of the World: Edition 6

Edited by Ronald M Nowak

This edition is 24% longer, and the number of separate genera has increased by 75 - among them, three remarkable large ungulates recently discovered in the forests of Indochina. New also is a full account of the Woolly Mammoth, now known to have survived until less than 4,000 years ago. As in the last two editions, the names and distributions of every genus are listed in systematic order. These lists now have been cross-checked to ensure coverage of all species in the comprehensive new Smithsonian guide 'Mammal Species of the World'. Facts on the biology of mammals have been brought together from more than 2,700 newly cited references, nearly all published in the last decade. Also new are the latest data on reproduction, longevity, fur harvests, numbers in the wild and in captivity, and conservation status. The new edition also records all official classifications of every mammal species and subspecies in the massive 1996 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals. The illustrations - more than 1,700 - include virtually every genus of mammals. Among them are pictures by such noted wildlife photographers as Leonard Lee Rue III, Bernard Grzimek, David Pye, and Warren T Houck. Mammals pictured here for the first time include the just-discovered Giant Muntjac Deer of Vietnam; a rodent known only from the Soloman Islands; a large fruit bat whose male suckles the young; and an extremely rare Web-footed Tenrec of Madagascar.

"Edition 6 of Walker's Mammals of the World is, yet again, a major tour de force on the part of Ron Nowak. It is no mere reprint revision - there are over 300 more pages, and all the topical data, such as Red Data listings, CITES listings has been brought up to date. At less than £70 it has to be the best value reference book in my library - I've got every edition of 'Walker', and if they continue at this standard, I will have to carry on buying them every time a new one comes out!"

 - John A Burton

1732 pages.

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