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Filth : The Outrageous Party Game for Disgraceful People

Filth : The Outrageous Party Game for Disgraceful People

Published by Summersdale Publishers

Time: 3 mins to learn, 20 mins+ to play

Number of players: 3-15

Ages: 17+

Includes: 530 cards

Assembly required? No

Batteries required? No

Warning: This is not a game you should play with your parents!

Compete to invent the most outrageous sexploits that will make even the most poker-faced players blush.

Unmask the dirty, deviant and downright depraved minds of your friends in this side-splitting X-rated extravaganza.

Easy to learn and quick to play! Use the cards to build a sentence - rude, obscene, funny or absurd - and vote on whose creation is the filthiest.

Sentence examples include: "I was being pleasured by a gigantic lubricated dildo in Grandma's living room", or "I was thrusting against a silky, pulsing ballsack at a funeral" - and that's barely scratching the surface!

No two games are the same, as there are countless combinations of cards that can be played. There is no end to the cocktails of indecency you can create!

Hilarious and profane, this disgraceful card game will guarantee that any pre-drinks, dinner party or games night is an absolute winner.

Perfect for parties and adult games nights.

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