Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Cuckoos, Cowbirds and other Cheats

Cuckoos, Cowbirds and other Cheats

N B Davies

In this fascinating new book, Nick Davies describes the natural histories of all the brood parasites and examines the exciting questions they raise about the evolution of cheating and the arms race between parasites and their hosts.

Cuckoos and cowbirds are amongst the select bird groups renowned as professional parasites, who always lay their egg in the nests of other species. Occasional parasitic laying is also widespread in many other birds, who gladly parasitize the nests of their own kind when the opportunity arises.

All the puzzles are examined in descriptions of the natural history of each of the groups of parasites in turn. Here is a book with a wide appeal, both to amateur naturalists fascinated by this most singular and macabre of behaviours and by ornithologists and ecologists interested in the evolution of ecology and behaviour.

8 page colour photo section, plus 25 fabulous black-and-white drawings by David Quinn.

Print-on-demand reprint - dispatch within 2-3 weeks. 320 pages.

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