Ringed Plover by Julian Bhalerao
The Birds of St Vincent, the Grenadines and Grenada: An Annotated Checklist

The Birds of St Vincent, the Grenadines and Grenada: An Annotated Checklist

James W Wiley

The southern end of the Lesser Antilles is an area rich in neotropical birdlife, especially breeding seabirds. Three biogeographic areas - the island of St Vincent, the island of Grenada, and the shared Grenadine island chain connecting them - comprise two countries, officially named St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada. This detailed study of their ornithology treats them ecologically and functionally as three separate entities. Begun around 2009 as an analysis of the avifauna of the nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines, it was fortunately expanded to include the nation of Grenada, together with its Grenadines. Collectively, 200 species, 81 of which have bred, have been reported from all three island groups. Currently, three single-island endemic species are known (St Vincent Parrot, Whistling Warbler and Grenada Dove), with two more endemics across the region (Grenada Flycatcher and Lesser Antillean Tanager), but with extensive molecular work in progress or planned, up to a dozen endemic species would not be surprising. Unexpectedly, another 85 species in the literature were unable to be confirmed. Many unreported or unconfirmed species probably have occurred or do still occur, some even annually, but coverage remains sparse and erratic over large areas. As evidence of this, the seven new species and two new breeders in the Addendum were added while the book was in production. This book extends the checklist series from St Lucia south to Grenada, and provides a wealth of information for all students of West Indian birds, from casual birders to university professors. 384 pages.

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