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Where to Watch Birds in Southeast England: Essex, London and Kent

Where to Watch Birds in Southeast England: Essex, London and Kent

David Callahan

Available from 25 April 2024. The definitive site guide to a surprisingly bird-rich corner of England - Kent, Essex and the Greater London area.

From the deep forests of Kent to the low-lying mudflats, beaches and saltmarshes of the Greater Thames Estuary, this ecologically rich area of England attracts vast numbers of wildfowl and waders. The region boasts many internationally and nationally important reserves including Rainham Marshes and Cliffe Pools, while Dungeness in Kent is one of Britain's best known birding hotspots for vagrant species such as Penduline Tit and Kentish Plover. London itself contains numerous birdwatching sites including Barnes and Woodberry Wetlands, along with some of the best spots in Britain for scarcities such as Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and Black Redstart. From Marsh Harrier and Firecrest to Curlew and Lapwing, there is plenty for birdwatchers to enjoy while exploring the parks, wetlands, woodlands and coast of southeast England.

Written by life-long birdwatcher David Callahan, this is the definitive guide to the birding highlights of the region. It contains a comprehensive review of all the major sites and many lesser-known ones, with maps, notes on access, and information on target species and when to visit. Where to Watch Birds in Southeast England is indispensable for any birder exploring the region, or anyone in London wanting to head out to the countryside and enjoy a slice of our rich avian heritage. 352 pages.

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