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Waders of Britain and Ireland

Waders of Britain and Ireland

Published by Field Studies Council

Waders of Britain and Ireland guide is for beginners and improvers. It includes 28 wader species known to occur in Britain and Ireland on a regular basis. Waders are an interesting group of birds to look for and many species can be seen all year round. They are most often found by the edge of water and in open areas, near the coast and inland.

Many wader identification resources are not very practical for outdoor use, as they are based upon plumage and assume a good view of the bird. This laminated fold-out guide helps to overcome these limitations.

It includes a simple identification key, bird silhouettes, brief species notes and stunning artwork. The illustrations include both standing birds and birds in-flight. Bill length, body size and bill curvature are used to quickly narrow down the species options and there is help with difficult species pairs, such as the tricky godwits. It is ideal for 'real world' wader watching where the weather may be a challenge and views of birds distant. Under such conditions colour is of limited use. The identification principles used throughout the guide have been field tested over many years utilising a wide range of volunteer users.

The authors are both experienced birders. The guide was produced by Stephen Docker in close consultation with Keith Offord, a field ornithologist, bird tour guide and photographer. Mike Langman is a wildlife artist renowned for his illustrations of birds.

There is also free support to accompany this WildID fold-out guide. Two additional resources, Identikit and Quizlet provide the user with an opportunity to further develop their skills. Identikit is a digital, multi-access identification key that can be used alongside the WildID guide. Quizlet is an on-line flash card learning resource, perfect for practising identification before heading outdoors. All three products form an integrated suite of wader resources.

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