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Bird Songs of the Antilles

Bird Songs of the Antilles

Jean C. Roché et al

TrackEnglish NameCall and song description
01Pied-billed GrebeIsolated calls, and calls of pairs in display on the water.
02Audubon's ShearwaterVarious calls, both isolated and from within a colony.
03Green HeronAlarm calls and flight calls.
04Yellow-crowned Night-HeronAlarm calls.
05Snowy EgretTerritorial defence calls.
06Cattle EgretIsolated calls, and calls from within a colony.
07Masked DuckFeeding sounds of young, and display songs.
08Common Black-HawkTypical calls.
09Broad-winged Hawk (Dominica)Territorial call.
10Broad-winged Hawk (Antigua)Territorial call.
11American KestrelVarious calls and male territorial song.
12Clapper RailCalls of pairs in mating display.
13Common MoorhenWarning calls, and mating display calls.
14Black-necked StiltAlarm calls.
15Laughing GullTypical calls.
16Least TernAlarm calls from within a colony.
17White-crowned PigeonMale territorial song.
18Scaly-naped PigeonMale territorial song.
19Eurasian Collared DoveMale territorial song and calls made while landing.
20Zenaida DoveMale territorial songs.
21Common Ground-DoveMale territorial songs.
22Bridled Quail-DoveMale territorial song.
23Ruddy Quail-DoveMale territorial song.
24Red-necked ParrotVarious alarm calls.
25St. Vincent ParrotMale territorial calls within a flock.
26Mangrove CuckooVarious territorial songs.
27Smooth-billed AniVarious alarm calls within a flock.
28Barn OwlNoises of young, adult calls.
29St. Lucia NightjarMale territorial call.
30Lesser Antillean SwiftFlight calls of a small flock.
31Rufous-breasted HermitTypical calls, and sounds of flapping wings.
32Purple-throated CaribTerritorial defence calls.
33Blue-headed HummingbirdDistress calls.
34Ringed KingfisherMale calls (frogs in the background).
35Guadeloupe WoodpeckerDrumming, various calls of adults and young, and adult songs.
36Caribbean ElaeniaTerritorial calls and songs.
37Yellow-bellied ElaeniaCalls within a flock, then isolated calls.
38Lesser Antillean PeweeTerritorial calls and songs.
39Grenada FlycatcherTerritorial calls and songs.
40Grey KingbirdTerritorial calls and songs.
41Lesser Antillean FlycatcherTerritorial calls and songs.
42Tropical KingbirdTerritorial calls and songs.
43Black-whiskered VireoCalls from the beginning and end of the breeding period, territorial song.
44Forest ThrushAlarm calls and territorial songs.
45Rufous-throated Solitaire (Martinique)Male territorial songs.
46Rufous-throated Solitaire (Dominica)Territorial songs.
47Red-legged ThrushAlarm calls and territorial songs.
48Cocoa ThrushTerritorial song.
49Bare-eyed ThrushTerritorial calls and songs (display etc.)
50Tropical MockingbirdTerritorial calls and songs (display etc.)
51Brown Trembler (Guadeloupe)Alarm calls and male territorial songs.
52Brown Trembler (Dominica)Male territorial songs.
53Grey Trembler (St. Lucia)Male territorial songs.
54Grey Trembler (Martinique)Display songs and male territorial songs.
55White-breasted Thrasher (Martinique)Territorial calls and songs.
56Scaly-breasted Thrasher (Guadeloupe)Territorial calls and songs.
57Scaly-breasted Thrasher (Dominica)Alarm calls and male territorial songs.
58Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Guadeloupe)Male territorial song.
59Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Désirade)Male territorial song.
60Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Marie-Galante)Male territorial song.
61Antillean House Wren (Guadeloupe)Male territorial song.
62Antillean House Wren (Grenade)Male territorial song.
63Antillean House Wren (St. Vincent)Male territorial song.
64Caribbean MartinCalls and songs within a small colony, male territorial song.
65Nutmeg MannikinDefence calls within a small flock.
66Yellow WarblerMale territorial songs.
67Adelaide's WarblerAlarm calls and male territorial songs.
68Plumbeous WarblerMale territorial songs.
69Whistling WarblerMale territorial songs.
70Bananaquit (Guadeloupe)Male territorial song.
71Bananaquit (Désirade)Male territorial song.
72Bananaquit (Dominica)Alarm calls, male territorial song.
73Antillean Euphonia (Guadeloupe)Male territorial song.
74Antillean Euphonia (Dominica)Male territorial calls and songs.
75Antillean Euphonia (Martinique)Various calls.
76Antillean Euphonia (St. Lucia)Calls and songs.
77Lesser Antillean TanagerMale territorial song.
78Grassland Yellow-FinchMale territorial calls and songs.
79Blue-black GrassquitVarious calls, male territorial songs.
80Black-faced GrassquitMale territorial calls and songs.
81Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (Guadeloupe)Male territorial calls and songs.
82Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (St. Lucia)Alarm calls and male territorial songs.
83Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (Martinique)Male territorial calls and songs.
84Lesser Antillean Saltator (Guadeloupe)Male territorial songs.
85Lesser Antillean Saltator (Martinique)Male territorial songs.
86Martinique OrioleMale territorial calls and songs.
87St. Lucia OrioleMale territorial calls and songs.
88Carib Grackle (Guadeloupe)Territorial calls and songs in flocks or isolated.
89Carib Grackle (Martinique)Territorial calls and songs in flocks or isolated.
90Shiny CowbirdMale territorial song.

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