Blue Tit by Julian Bhalerao
Where's our breakfast Mr Blackbird

Where's our breakfast Mr Blackbird

Hazel Douglas

This is the first book in the series. The main characters are a male and female Sparrow and a male and female Blackbird. This first book also introduces part of the family who live on the birds territory and who feed them, although the story is told from the birds point of view. The featured butterfly is the Red Admiral. The end piece of the book includes some facts about sparrows, blackbirds and the Red Admiral butterfly and caterpillar.

This book begins with the early dawn light, so Richard's first illustrations reflect the subdued lighting. Then, as the sun rises and the story progresses the pictures get progressively lighter. It is this attention to detail that adds to the richness of the books. We hope it will add interest for the adults as they have to read them for the nth time! 24 pages.

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