Atlantic Gannet
Frogs of Tambopata

Frogs of Tambopata

Rex Cocroft, Victor R. Morales, & Roy W. McDiarmid

The frog fauna of south-eastern Peru is among the richest in the world. This audio guide includes the mesmerising voices of 70 species found in the Tambopata-Candamo National Park, most from the vicinity of the famous Explorer's Inn, along the Rio Tambopata. The species represent a spectacular diversity of morphology, ecology, and behaviour. The booklet includes an introduction to each family as well as brief breeding and habitat descriptions and full-colour thumbnail images for each species. Essential to researchers monitoring frog populations or surveying new areas in this region, and to anyone who wants to learn more about the fascinating voices of frogs.

Sound Guide
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Scientific Name
Bufo marinus
Bufo cf. Typhonius
Dendrophryniscus sp.
Hyalinobatrachium sp.
Colostethus trilineatus
Dendrobates biolat
Epipedobates femoralis
Epipedobates pictus
Epipedobated trivaittatus
Hyla acreana
Hyla allernorum
Hyla boans
Hyla calcarata
Hyla fasciata
Hyla geographica
Hyla granosa
Hyla koechlini
Hyla lanciformis
Hyla leali
Hyla leucophyllata
Hyla parviceps
Hyla parviceps sp.
Hyla punctata
Hyla riveroi
Hyla sarayacuensis
Hyla triangulum
Osteocephalus leprieurii
Osteocephalus taurinus
Phrynohyas venulosa
Phyllomedusa atelopoides
Phyllomedusa bicolor
Phyllomedusa palliata
Phyllomedusa tomopterna
Phylomedusa vaillanti
Scarthyla ostinodactyla
Scinax chiquitana
Scientific Name
Scinax garbei
Scinax icterica
Scinax pedromdinae
Scinax rubra
Sphaenorhyncus dorisae
Sphaenorhynchus lacteus
Adenomera andreae
Andenomera hylaedactyle
Ceratophrys cornuta
Edalorhina perezi
Eleutherodactylus cruralis
Eleutherodactylus fenestratus
Eleutherodactylus lacrimosus sp.
Eleutherodactylus peruvianus
Eleutherodactylus toftae
Leptodactylus bolivianus
Leptodactylus didymus
Leptodactylus knudseni
Leptodactylus leptodactyloides
Leptodactylus pentadactylus
Leptodactylus petersii
Leptodactylus rhodomystax
Leptodactylus rhodonotus
Lithodytes lineatus
Physalaemus petersi
Chiasmocleis ventrimaculata
Ctenophryne geayi
Elachistocleis bicolor
Hamptophryne boliviana

Disclaimer The species list above has been manually captured directly from the title concerned. Please note that the list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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